Sapphire is a fictional in the Dick Figures series. She has huge anger issues, and she normally can't control herself. She is also spoiled at most times and has an urge to always say "no". Her BFF is Neon after seeing her when she moved in. She became close to Lord Tourettes after spending pretty much almost all her time with him.

Unlike her BFF she knows how to put sense in most of her things. Though her friend has way more poise inside Sapphire normally handles her stuff with bullying and pain because that's normally how to "handle" the problem. Her breasts are larger than most of the girls'. And that's why she is sexy and she knows

Her color is a nice shade of Sapphire on all her body parts.

If canon she would be voiced by Chelsea Kane.


  • Out of all my OCs she has the biggest breasts.
  • Her game-tag is "Muffin May" in Flame War.
  • She is my only OC who is really stingy.
  • Her skirt (which is not seen in her ID) is a lot shorter than the other girls'.
  • She is Carrie's only sister.

Sapphire's Voice

Chelsea Kane on What it's like to Be a Fish..02:15

Chelsea Kane on What it's like to Be a Fish...and Have to Flush one-0


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