Science No More
Science No More
Science... could be bad.....
Air date 1-10-2013
Written by YoshiRocker13
Directed by YoshiRocker13
Location City
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 Everyone finds Professor Stick's inventions to be bad and that it's a bad reason to create them. Professor Stick retires from science right when something bad is about to happen.



(Professor Stick is seen holding a ray gun)

Professor Stick: Time to find a test subject for my latest invention!

(Red is seen walking down the street)

Red: (drunk) Hey, hey, hey, hey Prof.

Professor Stick: Goodness Red! Have you been drinking that brown stuff?

Red: You mean brown shit?

Professor Stick: No! BEER!

Red: Dibs! (drinks beer) Hey what's that?

Professor Stick: Well It's my-

Red: GIMME! (snatches gun and shoots at himself)

Professor Stick: Oh dear.

(Red notices boobs, hair, and a vagina growing on him)

Red: (now a female) The fuck!?

Professor Stick: Never fear! I can-

Red: This is AWESOME!

Professor Stick: Hmm?

Red: Now I can make out with myself!

Professor Stick: (disgusted) Gross! (walks away)

Red: (rips off bras) Who wants to fuck me now bitches!?

Professor Stick: Maybe I should just get rid of that one.

(Prof Stick accidentally bumps into Jess who drops her shopping bags)

Professor Stick: Oh dear! I'm terribly sorry!

Jess: It's alright. I dropped these already.

(both reach for a carrot as they bang heads)

Jess: Ow! Sorry!

Professor Stick: (groans) It's all good. I too am clumsy.

Jess: Hey, thanks for the help. What's your name?

Professor Stick: My name is Henry, but most people call me Professor Stick.

Jess: Why's that?

Professor Stick: I am an inventor!

Jess: (excited) Ooh! Nice! Well, I better get going.

Professor Stick: Would you like to use one of these warp remotes?

Jess: (blushes) Um, no thanks. I feel like walking anyway.

Professor Stick: Very well. Cheerio! (walks away)

Jess: (silently) See ya. (walks away)

(shows Blue walking with a chart list)

Blue: Now let's see. I need more bottles and I-

Professor Stick: Why hello young Blue! Fine day today isn't it?

Blue: Ugh, Prof. I'm kinda busy. I gotta buy some more supplies for my baby.

Professor Stick: Your having a baby?

Blue: Yup. Me and Pink are having a baby.

Professor Stick: I have this warp pad to teleport you there faster!

Blue: Uh, okay I guess. (takes it) How do you use this thi- (dissapears)

(Blue suddenly appears in the air and falls in the lake)

Blue: The fuck!? How was I suppose to work this thing!?

(Blue notices crocodiles surrounding him)

Blue: Aah Fu-

(cuts to Lord Tourettes skipping through the street)

Lord Tourettes: I like to SHIT! I like to FUCK! I like to FUCKTITASSES!

Professor Stick: Goodness young man! You have tourettes syndrome!

Lord Tourettes: Well of course I FUCKING do!

Professor Stick: I know what'll help!

(he pours a drink in L.T.'s mouth)

Lord Tourettes: Ooh! Tastes like magic! (realises) What the fudge!? What did you do to my syndrome!?

Professor Stick: Why I cured it! Now you won't swear in front of anyone!

Lord Tourettes: B-But I-

Professor Stick: You can thank me later. I'm kinda opening my shop now. (walks away)

Lord Tourettes: (cries) My syndrome! My long kept syndrome.... IS GONE! (runs away crying)

(Professor Stick is now at his shop and hears a bell)

Professor Stick: Can I help you?

(he notices Blue & Lord Tourettes glaring angrily at him while Red (still female) dances around.

Red: (sings) Naked boobs all day! Something great I must praise!

Blue: Professor Stick! We've had enough of your inventions!


Professor Stick: I can create an antidote.

Blue: NO! You must STOP making these stupid inventions!

Professor Stick: But their smart! And they help!

Blue: WHY would you make these weird inventions!? For fucking money!!?

Professor Stick: But-


(Blue knocks down the sign and walks away. Lord Tourettes slaps Prof. Stick and walks away. Red continues dancing)

Red: I loved mah invention!

(Professor Stick is seen watching the sunset)

Professor Stick: True. My inventions are random. Why should I even create them anyway? I'm leaving! For good!

(cuts to Jess walking down the street where Gang Members await)

Gang Member 1: (spanish) Aha! Here comes a chicko!

Gang Member 2: Which we shall fuck and take her cash!

Jess: Wh- Who's there?

Gang Member 1: Oh, only us. (laughs)

Jess: P-please don't hurt me!

Gang Member 2: We're going to fuck you though!

Jess: What!?

Gang Member 1: So we can take your money?

Jess: But It's mine!

Gang Member 2: Ours now!

(Professor Stick notices what's going on)

Professor Stick: Goodness gracious!

Jess: S-someone help me!

Professor Stick: (groans) I shouldn't use this science again! But that girl needs help! (pulls out a potion) Hopefully this helps.

(he throws the potion as it pours on Jess)

Jess: Huh?

(she begins shooting lasers out her eyes and melting the gang members)

Gang Member 1: I regret nothiiiing! (melts)

Gang Member 2: No you don't! (melts)

Jess: What the fuck?

Professor Stick: A-are you alright lady?

Jess: Yeah I'm fine a- Hey! I know you! Henry right?

Professor Stick: Yes that's me. I gave you that potion to help you. But I can make it come off.

Jess: That'll be good. Thanks anyway.

Professor Stick: Well I'd best be going.

Jess: W-where are you going?!

Professor Stick: No one wants my inventions anymore.

Jess: (puts hand on his shoulder) But I do! Your inventions are cool!

Professor Stick: Really?

Jess: (hands him paper) Call me sometime. We should catch up!

Professor Stick: That's great.

Red: (still a female, comes up to Prof Stick) Hey Prof. Tell me do you like to fuck?

Professor Stick: Aah Fu-




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