... Wish I could kill myself...
Vital statistics
Title Good
Gender Male
Species panda
Nickname(s) Shangy
Status Alive
Friends Ken, Nisa, Red, Blue, Lord Tourettes, Pink, Wolf, Fox, Lad, Rapper, Steve, Indigo, Auburn, Wednesday
Enemies Foully, Shi Ba, People who are annoying
Job Kung Fu
Sexual Orientation Straight
Age Eternal
Nationality Chinese
Known for Fairly serious animal
Date of birth unknown
Weapon of choice Bo Staff
favorite game Modern Flame War 3
Color black and white
Hair Color fur
IQ average
Height 4 ft
Weight average
Girlfriend(s) none
Boyfriend(s) Really..
Gamertag KUNGFU_PANDA832
Voice Actor Blonde Intersex Demon (Team Desu)
Times dead None


Zhen Yu is a fictional character from the series Dick Figures. He is a talking panda like Foully but he doesn't swear like him. He is a pet owned by Ken and Nisa and he is a professional at kung fu also. He is able to become more larger at will. He is very serious at right and likes parties when he feels like it.

Life of a Panda

Shang was in a Baby Panda Sanctuary. He was last one survived the explosion before a car came out of nowhere and the sanctuary was destroyed. When he was exploring the outskirt he studied the knowledge of human conversations and english and chinese language. And he even learned kung fu like the twins. He taken to a pet store and Ken boughted him along with Nisa. Now he is enjoying living with them.


  • Expert Kung Fu.
  • Weapons Expert.
  • Healing.


  • Teleportation.
  • Immense Strentgh.
  • High Speed.
  • Linking Connections.
  • Summons out any type of weapon like Wolf and Rapper.


None Yet

Panda Facts

  • Serious at the right time.
  • Doens't swear like Foully.
  • Understands human conversation like Foully.
  • Mistaken as a girl.
  • Cannot die.
  • Heal others.


Solid Snake vs MagiKoopa (Super Smash Champ - Episode 2)02:39

Solid Snake vs MagiKoopa (Super Smash Champ - Episode 2)


Voice of Magikoopa from Super Smash Champ

Theme Music

Shang's Theme



Battle Theme

Chun-Nan - Dragon Road Day - Sonic Unleashed Music Extended30:00

Chun-Nan - Dragon Road Day - Sonic Unleashed Music Extended


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