Shocking Battle (Part 2)
Shocking Battle 2
Air date 5/8/2013
Written by YoshiRocker13
Location City
Other episodes by the author

Season 5

The Perfect Wednesday

 The second part of this shocking battle continues right from where Part 1 ended! Red, Blue & Rapper must do all they must to destroy Shock.




Rapper: (thinks) Maybe if we burn with fire.

Blue: How is that going to work?

Rapper: Thunder and Lightning is kinda like water right? Well fire gets rid of that junk. So if we try it on Shock it COULD work.

Blue: And if it DOESN'T?

Rapper: (pulls out swords) We knock the shit out of him!

Red: But his attacks were like so powerful they fucked you good!

Rapper: (glares at Red) Maybe we should just be more careful next time!

Red: (scoffs) Yeah right!

Blue: He IS pretty strong.

Rapper: What'd I just say before?

Blue: Well we could try.

(suddenly the ceiling is blasted off by Shock)

Shock: (laughs) Found you!

All (except Shock): SHIT!!!

Narrator: And now the exciting conclusion!

(Shock is firing lightning at Red, Blue & Rapper while they are running)

Shock: Stop being cowards and fight!

Rapper: (throws car at Shock) How's that?

Blue: Dude! That'll anger him! He could get stronger when he gets angrier!

Red: Less shit talk, more running!

Rapper: (jumps up and once again punches Shock far to a wall) Let's run now!

(Shock gets up angrily and sees the three standing still and he shocks them. However they were only dummies)


(shows the three hiding in Rapper's home)

Blue: You idiots! I thought we were going to try that fire technique!

Rapper: (sarcastically) Oh I'm sorry, was there fire? No!

Red: Perhaps we could set something on fire like Blue's bed!

Blue: We are NOT!

Red: (glares) It's what you get for taking away my boob album!

Blue: YOU threw it out just to buy Fox's boob album!

Red: (drools) So fuckin' sexy!

Rapper: (sets fire to car) Let's do this!

Blue: That was MY car!

Rapper: I'll buy you a new one if you help me out.

Blue: (sighs) Fine.

(Rapper runs outside to find Shock)

Rapper: Oh shocky where are you?

(Rapper is knocked off the ground by a lightning rod. He falls hard to the ground)

Shock: Pathetic.

Red: Yo Shock! (raises Blue's car) Eat fire fucker!

(Red throws the fire car at Shock who screams and melts)

Blue: THAT was too easy.

(starts raining and Shock rises up again)

Shock: (eyes turn yellow and laughs) Perfect timing!

Rapper: Is that what he's suppose to do!?

Shock: (flies up)

Red: (looks up) Whoa.

Shock: (speaks spanish with deep voice) Nubes de tormenta .... despertar! (Thunder clouds.... awaken!)

(purple thunder clouds appear behind Shock)

Shock: (speaks french with deep voice) Détruire ceux qui m'ont combattu! (Destroy the ones who fought me!)

(purple lightning rods attack the three)

Red: (gets shocked) GAAH!!

Blue: (gets shocked) IT BURNS!!!

Rapper: (dodges) Come get me! (lures rods to attack Shock)

Shock: You fool! My own lightning can kill me! It only gives me MORE POWER!! (shocks Rapper)

Blue: Rapper!

Shock: (looks at Red & Blue) Now it's your turn! (shoots lightning)

Blue: RUN! (dodges)

Red: (shoots lasers at Shock) EAT IT! (turns into Batman) I'M BATMAN!

Blue: (turns into Bloser) And the Bloser!

Red: Still worst name ever. (picks up tree and throws it at Shock)

Shock: (blasts tree with lightning)

Blue: (uses emo ray at Shock) Your lightning feels like pathetic water!

Shock: Tickled.

Blue: God damn it.

Rapper: HEY SHOCKY! WANT SOME OF THIS!? (pulls out fire thrower)

Shock: (gasps) NO!

Rapper: (tries flaming Shock but he flies upwards) Damn it!

Red: (flies up taking fire thrower)

Shock: How can you-!?

Red: NO ONE MESSES WITH BATMAN! (uses flame thrower)

Shock: (burns) NOO!!!

Rapper: (jumps up and knocks Shock to the ground)

Shock: (coughs) Impossible! I am so powerful and you defeated me!?

Rapper: You think your powerful? You should see Saigron. (kicks Shock's head and he finally dies)

Shock: (speaking in clouds) This isn't over! (fades)

Red: Cool!

Blue: Well he sucked.

Rapper: So do you.

Blue: Shut up!

Rapper: Whatevs. Now I got bitches to kill! (runs off)

Red: There goes our Rapper!

Blue: (bored) Wanna go grab some beer?

Red: (bored) Yeah.

(both walk away)


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