Shopping Brawl
Shopping Brawl
"This will get messy."
Air date March 18th, 2014.
Written by YoshiRocker13
Directed by YoshiRocker13
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Steve wants to get a birthday present for Holly, but is interrupted by Rapper and a couple of Gang Members. Will he be able to make this possible without any craziness?



(Steve and Holly were lying on Steve's bed in his house.)

Holly: Come on Stevie, just one little hint?

Steve: Nope.

Holly: Pleeeeeaaaaassseee? I'll give you a kiss if you do.

Steve: (laughs) You'd do that anyway. You'll just have to wait until tomorrow. Your birthday present will be excellent.

Holly: I bet it will be a cool present.

Steve: Yeah, it will be.

Holly: Alright you silly Stevie, I gotta get going. I was going to meet Indigo and Alice at the Cafe' for a little girls talk.

Steve: Okay, have fun.

(Holly takes her bags and walks out the door.)

Steve: Bye!

(Holly closes the door.)

Steve: (eyes widen) Shit, what am I going to get her?! (pants) Calm down Steve, you'll figure it out soon. Right, time to go shopping. (walks outside)

(Steve is at the shopping mall, looking for a present for Holly's birthday.)

Steve: Hmm, what does Holly like? (looks at a mug that says 'Birthday Girl') Yeah I'll get that. (grabs some Chocolate) And that. Hmm, what else? Something special...

Rapper: What's up Shithead Peeve?

Steve: (screams) SHITHEAD PEEVE?! Why did you call me that?!

Rapper: It's ugly and rhymes with Steve. (laughs)

Steve: Shut up Rapper! I'm not in the mood for any of your shit!

Rapper: Alright fine, guess if you don't want me to tell you about this SPECIAL present, I'll just leave. (about to leave)

Steve: (pops his head up) Wait what?

Rapper: Well I DID have a suggestion but if you don't want me around I'll just leave and give you space.

Steve: YOU know these kind of things?

Rapper: Duh, yeah.

Steve: But your a killer, not a ladies' man.

Rapper: (clears throat) Actually, I have a girlfriend.

Steve: (surprised) YOU DO?!

Rapper: Right, I never told you about her.

Steve: Who is she?

Rapper: I'll tell you later.

Steve: Uhh, alright fine! You can help me find a present for Holly!

Rapper: Ah, ah, ah. Magic word?

Steve: (sighs) Please?

Rapper: Nup.

Steve: What?!

Rapper: Guess the word.

Steve: Uh, fucking please?

Rapper: Nope.

Steve: (annoyed) CAN WE JUST GET TO THE CASE?!

Rapper: Alright, alright. Drama queen.

(They begin searching around the store.)

Steve: So what's this 'special present' you know?

Rapper: (points to a blue rose) Right there.

Steve: A rose? A rose?! This 'special' present is a ROSE?!

Rapper: But it's the rose showing love dude.

Steve: Oh, that makes sense...

Rapper: Who's the pussy now? (laughs)

Steve: Shut up.

Rapper: Let's just go get it.

(They see Gang Members on the other side of the rose. Both glare at Rapper and Steve.)

Steve: Uhh Rapper?!

Rapper: Leave it to me.

(Rapper cartwheels over a shopping basket, jumps in the air and shoots one of the Gang Members' legs, who dodges the attack. Rapper swipes the blue rose but a Gang Member punches him, releasing the rose.)

Gang Member #1: Mine now bitch!

(Rapper cuts the Gang Member's leg)

Rapper: Who's the bitch now? (runs off)

(The Second Gang Member shoots many bullets at Rapper as he dodges them, matrix style.)

Rapper: Nice try bird brains!

(One of the Gang Members pushes a cart into Rapper, who drops the Rose.)

Rapper: FUCK!

(Both run off.)


(Rapper gives Steve a gun, and runs off to chase the Gang Members.)

Gang Member #2: Their catching up to us!

Gang Member #1: Not for long.

(The first Gang Member throws a bunch of things onto the ground. Rapper easily jumps over with the trampoline while Steve gets through normally.)

Steve: Ow. Ow! Stupid things!

Store Manager: Sir? Is this all the things you threw on the ground?

Steve: What? No! It was them!

Store Manager: Well congratulations, your buying all of these broken things sir.

Steve: FUCK!

Store Manager: Sir please do not swear in a Shopping Mall.


Rapper: (dashes after the Gang Members) GET BACK HERE YOU BASTARDS!

Gang Member #1: Never!

Steve: Why do you guys even want this Rose anyway?

Gang Member #2: Isn't that fucking obvious?! Because we have a crush on a girl.

Rapper: But hey, there's only one rose and you BOTH want it? Sounds like a fight to me.

(The two gang members glare at each other.)

Gang Member #1: It's mine.

Gang Member #2: Fuck wrong.

(They both start fighting in a cloud.)

Rapper: (takes the rose) Yoink!

Gang Member #1: (punches Gang Member 2) You think your getting the rose? Wrong!

Gang Member #2: No! RIGHT! It IS going to be mine!

(The Gang Member shoots the second one.)

Gang Member #1: Too easy. (notices Rapper walking away) HEY! GET BACK HERE! I'm not done with you yet!

(Rapper shoots the Gang Member in the head.)

Rapper: People never try. (drinks beer)

Steve: Thanks for helping me get this Rapper! How can I repay you?

Rapper: A blood shake.

Steve: What the fuck is that?

Rapper: A drink made out of blood.

Steve: GROSS!

(Cuts to Holly's house.)

Holly: Where is he?

Steve: (comes in) Surprise!

Holly: Oh! Hey Stevie!

Steve: I got a special surprise for you...!

Holly: (gasps) You do?!

(Steve hands Holly three boxes.)

Holly: Oooh! What's in 'em?

(She opens the box with the mug that says 'Birthday Girl'.)

Holly: (gasps) This is so kind of you Steve!

(She opens the box of Chocolates.)

Holly: My favorite types!

Steve: And I also got you this...

(Steve hands her a blue rose.)

Holly: What's this?

Steve: They said it's a rose to show how much I love you and I'd wish that we would always be together... Happy Birthday Holly.

Holly: (squeals) Steve! These are all perfect! Thank you so much! (kisses his lips)

Steve: Anything for you sweetie.

Rapper: (busts in) Hey! You still owe me a blood shake!



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