Skull Twins
Skull Clads
Black (Diablo) and White (Angelus)


Headshots, Silent Kills, Indestructibility


Damon's Spirit, Meteorite and Titanium Alloy


Gun Channeling, Auto Fire, Rapid Fire



Damon's primary weapons are his twin desert eagles (Diablo and Angelus) they are created from Damon's abilities and other material. Skull Clads can break through walls and any other obstacles. they change to semi fire and auto fire. Damon can only summon them and can auto target enemies. Diablo is capable of making headshot, while Angelus is capable of making suppressed kills. when Damon raises his energy to the max they can transform into powerful canons

Skull Clads Facts

1. Diablo

  • Makes headshots
  • Made of meteorite
  • Can change to auto fire
  • Indestructible
  • Has revolver mode
  • Unlimited ammunition
  • Made from Damon's powers

2. Angelus

  • Makes silent kills
  • Made of titanium alloy
  • Can change to rapid fire
  • indestructible
  • Unlimited ammunition
  • Kills demons
  • Made from Damon's powers

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