Small Penis Advantages
Season 1, Episode 5
5. Small Penis Advantages
Air date 6/25/13
Directed by IONIXMUSIC
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Blue's Guide to Virginity
Derek Strikes Back
Red is gonna teach you how to survive with a small penis. Not like Red has a small ding-dong. He has the largest one in town! WOOHOO PARTY HARD!


  • Red
  • Stacy


(We begin this adventure with Red sleeping in bed.)

Red: *snore* Oh, hey! I didn't see ya there. Whadda'ya here for? Oh yeah. You got a lecture from Blue right? Well I'm gonna give you my own lecture. Do you have a small dick? I bet you do. I don't wanna look though, because that's gay. And I ain't gay, aight? Well, I'mma tell you how to live with a small dick. So listen up, beetches!

(Red is now in bed with Stacy.)

Stacy: *huff* *huff* Okay...that was really good.

Red: You know it baby!

Stacy: Should I get us some beers?

Red: Hard vodka! Vodka! Vodka! Vodka!

Stacy and Red: VODKA! VODKA! VODKA!


Stacy: Alright, I'll get it.

Red(narrator): As you expected, I just had sex. And it was awesome!

Red(narrator): But just be careful. If your dick is small, your lady will be turned off.

Stacy: I'm back! I got da'vodka!

Red: See, this is why you're my bitch.

Stacy: You can make me your bitch one more time~.

Red: Alright! Let's get it on!

Red(narrator): When you have a small dick, make sure to wear protection.

Stacy: Oh yeah! Ugnh! Harder!

Red(narrator): Once you're at the moaning phase, DON'T STOP.

Red: Aw yeah!

(Oh, he came.)

Red(narrator): Welp, thats all I got to teach you. I hope you've enjoyed my little lecture. Bye bitches!


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