Smash em' Mash em' Ryle
Air date 2-1-14
Written by Mdkid663, YoshiRocker13
Directed by Mdkid663
Location Apartment, Smash and Mash
Other episodes by the author

C4 Bomb

{{{Episode 2}}}



When Trollzor is finished making his game he wanted Ryle to play it but when he did he got sucked inside. Now Ryle has to win the game in order to get out.



(Trollz0r was using his new machine to put things into a game he's making)  

Trollz0r: (aww yeah face) Aww yeah! Just a few more adjustments and (me gusta face) I will have made the best game evah!

(Ryle, Spark and Blue are talking in the other room)  

Spark: So so far no one has Wolf in the cost of losing their own life.

Blue: Not yet really.

Trollz0r: (walks in, determined face) It's done.

Spark: What's done?

Trollz0r: I finished my game brah!

Spark: Cool! Let's see!

(Trollz0r puts his new game, Smash and Mash on)

Spark: Smash and Mash?

Ryle: What the fuck kinda game is this?

Trollz0r: Play it brah.  

(Blue begins playing the game)  

Blue: Whoa! Dude this is awesome!

Spark: Woah! Let me play!

(the game shows a customizable character fighting some dragons and monsters with a sword)

(Spark gets a second controller and plays the game)  


Trollz0r: Told ya brah. Come on Ryle bro, you play.

Ryle: Fine.  

(Ryle punches Blue and grabs the controller as he plays)

Ryle: This shit ain't nothing.  

Blue: Hey! Haven't you heard of grabbing a third controller!? Asshole!?

(Retro comes in)  

Retro: Is your friend playing a new game?


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