Joining the Dick Figures is the newest member that goes by the name of Snake, his original name is classified due to his job. The reason for his name Snake is due to his ways of stealth and deadly strikes. Teal is his color though is mistaken for blue sometimes. He is seen most with his shades, his hat that he wears backwards, and hockey stick (sometimes it is hidden in certain situations). His brother is Wolf, so far the only family member that is known, as to who is older than which is unknown except by them.

Social Life

He grew up from a small family as a shy child who wanted others to recognize him. Sadly he failed as every time he tried to show what he can do he ended up embarrassing himself and others would laugh at him and hardly made any friends. He found comfort with his family,and playing games and war with his brother, forming a strong brotherly bond with each other. Growing up he found a few true friends that helped him break out of his shell and he became more outgoing, so far as to join sports during school. That is how hockey came into his life. With his friends he joined the team and found his new purpose, to be the best of the best in hockey. After 12 years of schooling he wanted to start new skills (while continuing hockey) such as martial arts, criminalology and law, weapon and tactical skills, and technology skills. He joined the military earning his way through the forces. After resigning from the forces he wanted to travel the world and in doing so he came upon a top martial arts group that furthered his skills and making him increase his traits in hockey and other areas. After years of traveling he has come back to the US and took to living in two of his homes, one is in a house out in the country, the second is in the city in an apartment near Red and Blue's apartment.


Serious when needs to be and knows how to have fun when the time is right. Most times he is calm and remains that way most situations unless someone pushes him too far when angering him, or saying any of his trigger words. He is very knowledgeable and loves to tinker with anything thats electronic. Never cusses, instead replaces letters around, (ex.) F*** - Puck, D*** - Darn


  • Trained in highest of Martial Arts, sniper guns, and close combat with his hockry stick
  • Stealth skills,practically invisible when goes into observation mode or slient snake mode
  • Silent Snake Mode: invisible to everything and everyone, strikes deadly and quickly, can remain hidden for a long period of time
  • Professional in disguising
  • Never misses with his .50 Calibur
  • Unlimited amount of hockey pucks

Catch Phrases

  • "Puck You"
  • "Slapshot"
  • "Like your face"

Trigger Words

  • "Goal"
  • "Believe it"