Special Dinner
Kids in Love
"Why does she have to leave?"
Air date April 10, 2014.
Written by YoshiRocker13, CookieEyes, AndrewBrauer
Directed by YoshiRocker13
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Blink invites Ellen over to Alice's for a special romantic dinner in hoping to gain her love. But will things ruin this moment?



(Alice was babysitting Blink in her house.)

Alice: So how have you been Blink?

Blink: Fun! Yesterday me and Ellen fed lemurs at the zoo!

Alice: Wow! That's great!

Blink: Hey Alice! Do you have a phone?

Alice: (Pulls out her Cellphone) Yes, why?

Blink: Could you ask Ellen to come over for a, (blushes) date?

(Blink dials Ellen's phone number as it rings.)

(cuts to Ellen in her home having a nap.)

Ellen: (wakes up and yawns as she answers) Hello...?

Alice: (On the other line) Hey Ellen, it's Alice, I helped you get with Blink?

Ellen: Oh. Hi.

Blink: (speaks on Alice's phone) Hi Ellen!

Alice: Listen, Blink would like to invite you over for dinner tonight, we're making Pizza.

Ellen: Oh sure!

Alice: Okay, Blink will have everything set at seven, he can't wait to see you.


Blink: (sets the table up) I think that's everything set Alice!

Alice: (Pulls Pizza out of the oven) Okay, I just made the pizza, it's your favorite, Pepperoni with extra cheese!

Blink: (puts a yellow bow on his chest) How do I look?

Alice: (Blushes) You look perfect. (Suddenly the front door bell rings)

Blink: That's Ellen! (looks through Alice's peephole at the door)

(Blink opens the door for Ellen.)

Blink: (suave) Hey Ellen.

Ellen: Hi!

Alice: Okay, why don't you two go sit down, we have a very yummy dinner tonight.

(Blink runs to the table and pulls a seat out for Ellen.)

Blink: Sweet Ellen, allow me.

Ellen: Oh thank you.

(They all sit at the table)

Alice: Tonight we have pepperoni pizza.

Blink: Yummy!

Alice: How does it look Ellen?

Ellen: It looks yummy.

(Blink begins eating some of the pizza. The doorbell rings.)

Alice: Uh, I better get that.

(Alice opens the door, and Simon is there)

Simon: (Slightly Drunk) Hey, watcha up to.

Alice: Simon, not now. I'm babysitting for Blue and Pink.

Simon: Well, I don't care because I just came here to get something from you.

Alice: What?

(Simon tries to kiss Alice, but she slams the door on his face and locks it, she then goes back to the table)

Alice: (Sits down) Sorry about that, let's continue to eat.

Blink: So Ellen? How's your life been going?

(Ellen looks away feeling a little bit sad.)

Blink: What's wrong?

Ellen: Oh nothing...

Blink: No really, tell me what's up? (puts his hand on her shoulder) We're friends, you can tell me. (smiles)

Ellen: ...Do you know what moving away means?

(Alice stops eating and looks at them)

Blink: No, Alice what does that mean?

Alice: (Gulps) Uh, well… it means that Ellen is going to another place.

Blink: Oh! For how long?

Ellen: I don't know...

Blink: (gets worried) What do you mean...?

Alice: (Worried) I think she means that she may not come back.

Blink: (shocked) Wh- What...?

Alice: (To Blink) I'm sorry.

(Blink looks at Ellen with tears in his eyes.)

Alice: Look, why don't you make tonight the best night you can, while it lasts.

Blink: (sighs) Okay...

Ellen: Okay.

(They continue to eat pizza until there is one slice left, Blink and Ellen each have a hand on the last slice)

Blink: Uhh, y- you have it...

Ellen: Okay. (takes the slice)

(Ellen's parents arrive outside Alice's house)

Ellen's Mom: Ellen! Time to come home sweetie! We're moving first thing in the morning!

Ellen: (sighs) Okay Mommy...

Blink: (teary) Goodbye Ellen... (sniffs)

Alice: (to Ellen) Okay, well we're glad you came, and I hope you enjoy your new place.

Ellen: (about to cry) Bye Blink...

(Ellen sadly walks outside Alice's house and gets into her parents' car.)

Blink: Goodbye Ellen... (cries)

(Alice picks up Blink and hugs him)

Blink: I may never see her again! And we were getting really close!

Alice: (starts to cry) I know.


(Blink is sitting on a park bench still crying.)

Blink: I'm gonna miss Ellen!

(Ellen is seen running to Blink in excitement.)

Ellen: BLINK!

Blink: E- Ellen? What are you doing here? I thought you moved...

Ellen: My parents changed their minds!

Blink: (gasps) They did?! They changed their minds about moving?!

(Ellen nods)

Blink: WHY?!

Ellen: I told them about you! So we're staying here!

Blink: (jumps in joy) YEEEEEEEEEES! (swings Ellen around)

(Ellen becomes so happy that she kisses Blink on the lips.)

Blink: (wide-eyed as his whole face turns red) E- Ellen...?

Ellen: (giggles) I'm just, you know, happy I'm staying.

Blink: Yeah... M- M- Me too...

(Blink and Ellen hug. Alice is watching them)

Alice: (Starts to cry) Lovely.

(Simon is shown passed out and throws up on her feet)

Alice: (Disgusted) And, that ruined the moment.

Simon: Whatever.

Blink: (giggles and throws ice cream at Simon's head) That guy's a jerk.

Alice: I know. (Starts to think about Simon)

Blink: Hey Ellen, wanna go get some ice cream?

Ellen: Yes!

(Ellen kisses Blink's lips again in joy.)

Blink: (giggles) Sure thing Ellen.

(They walk away as Blink kisses Ellen's cheek.)



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