Steve is a fictional character in the Dick Figures series. He's a brown stick figure with gel in his hair. Steve was first seen on an island where he met Red & Blue. Now Steve is about to relive the time he's spent in town.

Social Life

Steve was one of Red & Blue's friends in their childhood, and that was the day Steve met Holly and saved her from being picked on by her friends. He then promised to always be and protect her.

Steve was marooned on an island a long time ago. Ever since that day, he has built his own life at the home. Steve then was rescued by Red, Blue and their friends. He has hung out with most of them and with his girlfriend Holly.

Steve finds it annoying when Red calls him shithead due to Steve's hair being brown.

Early Life

Steve lost his arm during high school when working on a science project involving acid which burned his arm causing it to fall off. Years later, his arm was replaced by a robotic arm and is usually using his right arm for lifting heavy things. Steve crash landed his plane on the island when his gas was low.

Friends Met

Red and Blue

Steve met Red and Blue on the island he was on and because they both took him back to the island he became friends with them


Back in School, Steve saved Holly's life from girl bullies who thought boys were lame and so was her. The two became friends but when they went to High School they actually forgot about each other until now.


Steve doesn't mind hanging out with Rapper, just as long Rapper doesn't drag Steve into trouble.


In Rapper and the Grey Days Episode 5, Steve cared for Rei when she was on the boat. He let her lie on the bed, and he gave her a foot massage, causing Rei to like him.

Voice of Steve



Voice of Mordecai from Regular Show


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