Steve in Love
Steve in love
She's Beautiful
Air date May 2013
Written by YoshiRocker13, Alpha-Lonewolf
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Online Comedy

 Steve has fallen in love with the most beautiful girl in the Dick Figures Universe. But does he have the chance to win her heart?



(Shows Steve walking down the street with Red, Wolf and Rapper)

Steve: So you three really like to kill people the same?

Red: Yup. Except Wolf is probably better than anyone else.

Rapper: Yeah. He is one damn good fighter.

Wolf: That's right. (Shoots a passing bus of nuns and it crashes) But today I'm planning on mellowing down a bit.

Steve: Alright then. (suddenly he sees a woman falls in love) Wow. She's so lovely

Rapper: Oh you mean Fox?

(scene cuts to Fox as "I'm Sexy And I Know It" instrumental is playing)

(Walking in a swaying hip motion towards them while licking a red popsickle icecream. The sun hits down on her at the right angle as her hair waves and shines. Red Stares at her boobs as the bounce when she takes a step. She then passes by a water sprinkler and gets lightly wet over her whole body making her skin now shine in the sunlight)

Red: (jaw dropped and drooling) I think my pants exploded.

Wolf: (rolls eyes) Even nature wants to see her as sexy as can be. (Throws knife at a paperboy)

Steve: She's Beautiful!

(Fox walks up to them)

Fox:(noticed the dead paperboy and glares at Wolf) I thought you said you were going to tone down the killing?

Wolf: I am. I'm not going to start a killing spree again.

Red: (dazed) He-Hey there Foxy girl.

Fox (rolls eye) Hey Red.

Rapper: Sup Fox? Let me introduce you to our new friend Steve. We found him on an Island a few weeks ago.

Steve: (in love) Hi.

Fox: Hi Steve. I hope Wolf hasn't gotten you into any trouble as well.

Wolf: I'm still thinking about it.

Steve: (to Red) Wow. She's just so beautiful

Red: Dude! You have a crush on her! (Fox hears)

Fox: Excuse me who does?

Wolf: Uh oh.

Steve: Uh. That guy over there! (points to Bruce)

Bruce: No I don't! He does! (points to Steve)

Red: This isn't good.

Steve: (nervously laughs as Fox looks at Steve)

Fox: (shakes her head) Look i'm upset with Wolf right now so lets keep it like that.

Wolf: Sure you can't avert your womanly wrath on someone else?

Steve: (sad) Alright I understand.

Wolf: (whispers) Don't take it too hard, she just thinks you have a crush on her like every other guy that gives her a cat call. She is a very hard one to catch. Almost as hard as I am to a girl.

Fox: What did you say?

Wolf: I don't know, i forgot already.

Fox: (frustrated) Wolf you are just too much.

Wolf: That's what you said.

(Fox tackles Wolf and they start wrestling)

Steve: Ya know he's right. (suddenly he sees a dark blue girl)

Dark Blue Girl: Wow. You are one handsome dude.

Steve: (in love) Now SHE'S HOT! (walks over to her)

Rapper: Sometimes Love itself is just strange sometimes.

Fox: Get off me!

Wolf: (sitting on her back to pin her down while drinking a root beer) What is this, seventy four to fifty three my favor?

Fox: (grumbles) Yes once again you win.

Rapper: (dissapointed) Come on Wolf. Get off her.

Wolf: Fine help me up. That little rumble tired me out. (reaches out hand)

Rapper: Aah Fuck. Fine. (grabs Wolf's hand and pulls him up)

Red: Aah my friends. The best ones. Not Blue

-Episode Ends-


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