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all stick figures are invited to the first ever stickolympics game but Someone Interfeared with the system...

Episode List

Stickolympics , Attack Of The bronies , Epic Stick Time , The Big Red , Ghost of Elle Meu , Red vs Blue ,

GPS Figures , The Stickvengers , Bone-ing and Digging , Escaping Earl Grey's mansion


Kenny Rogers: Hello Stick fans It KR with Red here for The first ever stickolympics

Red: Soooooo! Wazzup Kemmy Rojers

Kenny Rogers: Red, Have Been Drinking Alcohol .... AGAIN!

Red: Yeop (Hiccup)

Kenny Rogers: Ok The Events Are RHG , Death Match and Laser Tag

Red: Lets (Hiccup) The Contestants

Kenny Rogers: Team 1 : Blue , Wolf and Kenta

Team 2 : Hungry Grox , CrazyJay and Flames R Firewood

Team 3 : Seasick , Operazer and Thunderon!

Let the Olympics Begin

Red: First (Blarrr!) Ugh..... First event will be RHG

Blue vs Hungry Grox!!!!

Blue: Wait What !

Red: HungryGrox Load his guns with chili bullets

Kenny Rogers: Now Thats awesome!

Bam! Bam! Bam!

Blue: My Eyes

Until... Blue Punches Hungry Grox in The Chest

Hungry Grox: Agh! My Chest

And Then Hungry Grox Fall Down Cold

Red: And The Winner is Blue

Crowd: Yay!

KR: Second Match...... Laser tag

CrazyJay vs Kenta vs Seasick!!!

Kenta: Alright!

KR: Kenta shoots Crazy on The Back

And CrazyJay Is Eliminated!

CrazyJay: What!

Red: And Seasick Shoot Kenta Multiple times .But Kenta Keeps Dodging


KR: Wait an Explosion On The Battle Field! I Tought The Lasers Are Fake!

Red: They Are!

KR: Unless...(Gasp!)

Red: What!

KR: Check The Security Cameras!

Police: Roger!


KR: Yes

Police: Terrorist are in The Building

KR: What !

Police: Gah!

KR: Hello... Hello!

KR: Red Press The....


Terrorist Leader: Attack!

You're Surround Kenny Rogers!

KR: Not Quite....

Then all of the Stick figures bring all of their weapons

Terrorist Leader: Oh #%&# !

Dont shoot me pls...

BAM! Boom! kapow! Shing! Ratatatata! Bang!

- Episode Ends-

Narrator: Coming Soon ... A Web series based on a comic will happen on Summer 2013 UNIVERSAL STICKS!

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