Stuck In the Alt+Present
Air date August 2013
Written by Stick775
Other episodes by the author

The Portal

Working on name...


When experimenting with dangerous chemicals, Stick unintentionally makes 12 portals to different universes!


  • Nazi guards/soldiers


Stick: Uhh... my head...

Grox: Where are we?...

Army Man: Who are you...? Idiots?

Grox: Shut up...

Army Man: That is an offense of rule #28! Take them to jail!

(At least 8 cops surround Stick and Grox, holding a G36c)

Stick: Give me your XM8.

Grox: What? no!

Stick: Might as well get executed.

(Grox reluctantly gives Stick the rifle and Stick brutally kills the 8 cops)

(All at once more cops come, making Grox, nervous)

Stick: Calm your boobies I have an idea!

Grox: ...

(Bullet time is activated, and Stick shoots 7 of the men)

Grox: might as well...

(Bullet time deactivates)

(10 minutes later Stick and Grox are in a prison cell)

Stick: Well this sucks.

Grox: Okay I got so info that is a universe when the Axis won WW2.

Stick: Cr--

(Error emerges, bends all the bar of the cell)

Stick: Well, that was easy.

Grox: Stick, You have some weapons right?

Stick: Yes.

Grox: The portal back is in America, in the area that's ur home.

Stick: (Grabs a broken bar) We have to get to the vault. (Hands Grox his XM8) I snuck it in.

(Moves to the 2 moving quietly thru a hallway)

Stick: look!

Grox: We're screwed.

(8 guards are marching down)

(Stick stabs a guard and uses it as a meatshield)

(Grox shoots down the remaining guards)

(Stick takes out one of his own knifes and it converts to a sword)

Stick: Kez zwes ez oqyzaty!

(Moves on and jumps to yard)

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