Super Saiyans Can Have Intercourse Too (18+)
Super Saiyans Can Have Intercourse Too (18+)
Air date 17-11-2013
Written by Mdkid663, Wolf-Loves-Drills, YoshiRocker13
Directed by Mdkid663
Location Spark's House
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After a game of Flame War, Jess decides it's time to show Spark some of her sex moves.


WARNING: This Fiction contains very disturbing sex scenes that might not be suitable for viewers under 18.

(Spark was playing Modern Flame War 3 with Rapper and Trollz0r)

Rapper: Come on Groxy, just at least try not to die in this game.

Grox: (Over mic) ..H- hey I am forced to play on console with a controller.. of course I am going to die..!

(Trollz0r's player shoots Grox)

Trollz0r: (Aww Yea Face) Aww yeah! First place bitches! (LOL Face) LOL!

(Spark's player shoots through Trollz0r, Rapper and Grox's heads)

Grox: ..COME ON..!

(Jess' player stabs Spark's player)

Announcer: GAME OVER!

(shows scoreboard with Jess in first place)

Rapper: OH you just got OWNED by your girlfriend!

Spark: (surprised) WHAAA!?!?

Jess: (laughs on mic) How do you like that Sparky? (giggles)

Spark: (talks on mic) Good.. (laughs a little)

Trollz0r: (Y U No Face) Y U NO LET ME WIN!?

Spark: You know what they say girls can play video games too.

Rapper: I was wondering why that grey player was so good.

Spark: Grey player?

Rapper: It was Rei.

Trollz0r: (throws controller) RAGE QUIT!

Grox: (Stabs spark's player in the back) ..Y-YEAH TAKE THAT YOU DUMB B- BITCH..!

Spark: (slits Grox's player's throat) Is that all you got?

Rapper: Guys the game's already over.

Spark: Yeah. Sorry about that.

Jess: (on mic) I win again boys!

Spark: (laughs on mic) Yeah you did.

Jess: (walks in) Whoo! Man that game rules! (sits down)

Spark: (notices Jess) Oh! Hey Jess.

Jess: (pants) Hey.

Spark: So. How's It going?

Jess: (pants) Fantastic.

Rapper: You totally kicked our asses.

Spark: (Problem Face) Jealous Trollrock?

Trollz0r: SHUT UP!

Jess: Hey Spark, I got something special for you.

Spark: What is it?

(Jess pulls Spark to his bed)

Jess: Tell me, do you have sex?

Spark: Not Really.

Jess: (takes her clothes off) Then I'm about to show you.

Spark: ..... (speaks in head) Oh Shit! (gets incredibly horny)

Jess: I mean, Super Saiyans can have Intercourse too. (continues having sex)

(Spark starts looking at her breasts)

Rapper: (face palms) Fuck.

Jess: So, what do you think? (rubs her breasts on Spark's face)

Spark: It feels good.

Shawn: (comes in) What's happening?

Jess: Oh shit, (puts clothes on) Nothing!

Shawn: Oh. Very well then, I was trying to find Rapper

Rapper: Looking for me?

Shawn: What's happening here?

Rapper: I think these two are having sex.

Shawn: Wow. Is that so?

Jess: Gee thanks for interrupting!

Shawn: Sorry. (leaves into Rapper's room)

Jess: (sighs) Now where were we?

(Spark starts rubbing Jess' left breast)

Jess: (giggles) Watch it you.

Spark: Sorry. (stops rubbing Jess' breast)

(Spark tongue kissing Jess)

(Spark pulls down his pants revealing his penis)

Spark: So, should I stick it in?

Jess: (seductively) Stick it in my bush.

Spark: Sweet.

Spark (starts entering his penis into Jess' womb)

Jess: (stops) Wow, I guess people like you can really have sex.

Spark: Yeah. I can be like my friend Red sometimes.

(cuts to Shawn, Rapper and Trollz0r)

Shawn: So, Spark and Jess are official huh?

Rapper: Pretty much.

Trollz0r: (problem face) Maybehh.


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