Superhero Showdown
Superhero Showdown
Batman and Bloser meet Superman and Atomic Alice.
Air date TBA
Written by AndrewBrauer & Mdkid663
Directed by AndrewBrauer & Mdkid663
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 Batman and Bloser have some competition when many other heroes show up.



(Batman and Bloser were fighting too many butlers)

Bloser: There's too many of them!

(Lightning strikes disintegrating the butlers)

Batman: (Surprised) What the fuck? Who killed all the butlers?

Sparking Neo: (behind Batman) That would be me.

Batman: You must be Neo, from what I'm hearing?

Sparking: That's Sparking Neo.

Bloser: (Bored) I think he knew what he was talking about.

Sparking Neo: Yeah.

(Suddenly more butlers show up)

Bloser: Shit, there's more of them.

(A couple of them then get blasted from behind with lasers)

Batman: Who did that now?

(Superman a.k.a Simon flys in)

Superman: No need to fear Superman is here, and where the hell is my sidekick Ato…

(Atomic Alice shows up walking behind Superman)

Atomic Alice: I'm here don't worry.

Batman: When did you clowns show up in the picture?

Superman: For a while, you just haven't known because we save the entire world.

Sparking Neo: Entire. World?

Atomic Alice: That includes all the countries.

Superman: Well, it was a little hard since I had to carry her everywhere.

Atomic Alice: Don't make me use my powers on you Super Dick!

Bloser: (To Batman) Kinda of reminds us of you me right?

Batman: Only the sidekick is a hot girl and not someone boring like you.

Bloser: (Bored) Whatever.

(Then three more groups of Butlers show up)

???: Laser.

(A large purple laser disintegrates and slices the first group of butlers)

Superman: (While using eye lasers on butlers) Who the fuck did that?

Atomic Alice: (Use Hand Lasers on butlers) Wasn't me!

Batman: (Headbutts a butler) How would I know!

???: Cube.

(A large purple energy cube traps in second group of butlers)

Bloser: (Looks at the cube) That's strange!

Superman: No shit!

???: Burst.

(A purple energy ball appears inside the cube and explodes along with the butlers)

Atomic Alice: Shit, that just happened!

Superman: Is that all of it?

Batman: (Rips a butler's head off) That's all of them!

(Ultra Violet appears in front of the heroes)

Ultra Violet: Yep, that's all of them.

Superman: (Stares at Ultra Violet) My, My, who are you?

Atomic Alice: (To Superman) Really?

Ultra Violet: If you try to score with me, you end with up just like the butlers.

Superman: Don't worry lady we're all on the same team.

Ultra Violet: (glares) Fine.

Batman: Hey, I'm Batman, who are you?

Ultra Violet: Ultra Violet.

Superman: I'm Superman, greatest in the world!

Atomic Alice: I'm Atomic Alice, his cute little sidekick.

Bloser: I'm guessing if anyone cares, I'm Bloser…

Batman: Who sounds like a loser.

Ultra Violet: Yeah, I know you guys. Even Sparking Neo.

Sparking Neo: Yep.

Superman: You must of come in right at the time more of these butlers showed up?

Atomic Alice: Obviously.


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