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Suzan and the Magic of Tentacles
Season 1, Episode 2
2. Suzan and the Magic of Tentacles
Air date 12/8/13
Written by MDKid663 and IONIX
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Breasts Worth Fighting For
Zombies and Shapeshifters
Another hot NSFW Tale for you to sweat over!



(Eleven is at the graveyard at nighttime)

(Suzan is looking through bushes, at Eleven.)

Suzan: What the hell is that?

(She slowly walks towards Eleven and tries to stay quiet.)

(Eleven senses Suzan and quickly grows out a needle at her)

Eleven: .....

Suzan (quietly): Shit!

Suzan (in her head): Okay...just stay quiet and it won't do anything...

(Eleven moves at blurring at and gets in front of Suzan)

Suzan: H-H-Hi...

Eleven: .....

Suzan: Can you say anything?

Eleven: .....

(She uses her fire powers to see it's face.)

(Eleven regenerates after his face is burnt)

Eleven: ......

Suzan: Whoa, regeneration...

(Eleven then copies Suzan's fire power)

Suzan: C-can you shapeshift?

Eleven: ..... (starts to shapeshift)

(Eleven shapshifts into Suzan herself)

Suzan: Whoa, it's like I'm looking in a mirror!

Eleven (Suzan's form): (chuckles) Yeah, It is (pupils glow red)

Suzan: Uh...why are they red? This is really freaky!

Eleven (Suzan's form): No special reason. (creates a fire sword)

Suzan: Please don't hurt me!

Eleven (Suzan's form): Let's get down to business.

Suzan: What...kind of business?

Eleven (Suzan's form): Killing you that is.

Suzan: Oh shit!

(She starts running away.)

(Eleven charges at Suzan and starts slashing her)

(Suzan throws her fireballs at Eleven.)

Suzan: This'll teach ya!

(Eleven absorbs every shot)

Suzan: It's getting so big...

Suzan: I wonder what else it can do...

(Eleven changes back and mutates Wolverine-like claws)

Suzan: Whoa. You are cool!

Eleven: ....

Suzan: Show me something that I would like!

Eleven: .....?

Suzan: You know, what a woman wants! A horny woman!

Eleven: ....!..!?!?..!?

Suzan: Here, use this for inspiration.

(She lifts up her skirt and shows Eleven her panties.)

Eleven: ..!?!?!..!?!.!?

(Eleven's featureless crotch starts to grows out a large dick)

Suzan: Now that's more like it...

(Eleven tries to change his dick back into a featureless crotch)

Suzan: Oh hell no!

(She bends over and grabs the dick.)

(Eleven tries to break Suzan away from him)

Suzan: Hahaha!

(She shoves Eleven's dick into her mouth.)

Suzan: can give me something...slimier?

Eleven: ....?

Suzan: *sigh* Tentacles?

Eleven: ....!

(Eleven grew dicks in the form of tentacles)

Suzan: Oh yeah!

(She rips off her panties and beckons one of the tentacle-dicks over to her vagina.)

(one of the tentacle-dicks charges at Suzan)

Eleven: .....!

(The tentacle dick slides into Suzan's vagina.)

Suzan: Aah!~ Fuck me so hard!

(Eleven then charges two tentacle-dicks to one at her vagina and one at her ass)


(Eleven then charges another tentacle dick at Suzan's mouth but then stops)

Suzan (panting): Why did you stop there..

(Eleven then tries to walk away)

(She starts rubbing her vagina and becomes more stimulated.)

Suzan: No, come back! You haven't came yet!

Eleven: ....?

Suzan (in her head): I have to give this guy a lesson on fucking everything, huh?

Suzan: Just give me your dick!

(She shoves a tentacle-dick up her ass and starts thrusting it in and out.)

(Eleven starts thrusting up Suzan's ass and vagina)

Eleven: .....

Suzan: Oh yes! Yes! Shove your big long cocks inside me!

(Eleven then charges another tentacle-dick at Suzan's mouth)

Suzan: *Mmmph!*

(Eleven thrusts the tentacle-dick inside of Suzan slowly)

(Suzan's vagina slowly tears apart from the amount of tentacle.)

(Eleven thrusts the tentacle-dicks more harder along with the one inside Suzan's mouth)

Suzan: *screams* STOP!

(Suzan bursts open in a mass of guts and cum.)

(Eleven slides the tentacle dicks out of Suzan)

(Eleven then slowly walks away)

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