Fire! I LOVE FIRE!!!
Vital statistics
Title Zombie firebender mindcontroller assassin
Gender Female
Status Alive (Zombie)
Friends Lady Tourettes, Lord Tourettes
Enemies Everybody else
Age 1,888
Nationality American
Weapon of choice Fire
favorite game Plants vs. Zombies
Color Gray
Height 6' 10"
Weight 101 lbs.
Girlfriend(s) Pink, Stacy
Gamertag Suzanbaby_666
Aliases Firegirl, Suzan
Times dead None
Suzanleebeel is a zombie who loves to have fun and kill people. Her favorite hobby is making other people into zombies. She also loves pizza, even at one point making out with it. But we don't talk about that.

Before Zombiehood

Suzan was just a young girl before she became a zombie. She had a very bad obsession with pizza which she still has today. She was six when she was bitten by zombies.

Her Powers

Suzan got her powers after encountering a strange wizard at a county fair. He gave her a fire spell which allows her to summon waves of fire or small flames. She has another strange power which allows her to make any boy fall in love with her. Although she has never kissed these boys, she has kissed girls on purpose before, so she may be a lesbian.

First Appearance

Derek Strikes Back

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