Teardrop New ID
Vital statistics
Gender Female
Status Alive
Friends Gerald Butler (Best Friend and only friend)
Enemies Everyone except friend (lol you see what I did there?)
Nationality Asian
Known for being voiceless
Weapon of choice Gun
Color Blue
Girlfriend(s) o_O
Voice Actor None(Voiceless)
Times dead TBA
 Teardrop is a fictional character in the Dick Figures series. She is completely voiceless (For idiots: That means she can't talk).  Even though she can't talk she still has a personality and actually does stuff most of the times. She has split personalities all the time. Her nickname is "TD". Teardrop's name is based off a character in a web series.

She doesn't have any relatives. She used to live in the Philippines but moved. She didn't really miss her old home; in fact, she was so glad she was gone.

Her color is blue and has a gradient skirt with a darker shade of her original color.

If canon, she would be voiced by air

                                               SOCIAL LIFE, GALLERY, TRIVIA, AND VOICE TBA

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