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Tennis Tryouts
Air date 2012
Written by Steffanyane
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Pink called Blue for a tennis tryout that ends up as a battle between Pink and Jesse in a tennis and video game tournament.


Pink calls Blue

Pink: Hey Blue.

Blue: Hey

Pink: Can you go to a tennis tournament with me?

Blue: Umm... Okay (thinking: Damn I wanted to play games today)

Pink: Well, I guess I'll see you later.

Blue: Okay

Pink: And one more thing. Bring that Jesse girl with you.

Blue: Why?

Pink: Just bring her. Okay?

Blue: Okay

Call ends

Time lapse to a tennis court with Blue and Jesse arriving

Jesse: Ugh! Remind me again why I came to this shitty game. I was going to get the new game!

Blue: I have no idea. Pink told me to bring you here.

Jesse: Well at least I can see you again...

Blue: What?

Jesse: Nothing!

Blue sees Pink arriving

Blue: Maybe you should go to one of those seats.

Jesse: Whatever!

Jesse starts playing a game on her PSP

Pink: So, wanna start?

Blue: Yeah. But why bring Jesse?

Blue and Pink starts playing and Red arrives

Red: (to Jesse) Sup bitch!

Jesse: Hey...

Red: What are they doing?

Jesse: Playing tennis. What do you think is it?

Red: Hey, what's that?

Jesse: Modern Flame War 3

Red: How did you get it to your PSP?

Jesse: Hacked it

Red: Nice

back to game

Pink: Why do you keep missing?

Blue: I never played this before.

Pink: Okay. Well you go rest first. I'm gonna play with Jesse.

Jesse and Blue: What?!

Pink: Yes. (to Jesse) I challenge you to a duel.

Jesse: (but isn't that like a battle? Anyway) Okay. I'll do it

Jesse and Pink starts playing. Pink is winning 40-30

Pink: Not bad. But i'm still winning

In the end, Pink still won in a close match

Jesse: Oh well. Close enough. What about I challenge you to a video game battle!

Blue: Um... Maybe we should go.

Pink: (to Blue) No, wait. (to Jesse) I accept your challenge. When you win, you can spend one day with him. But if I win, You will never see him again.

Blue: But she's my friend.

Pink: I guess not anymore!

Red: Dude, that is one crazy bitch

Blue looks at Red obviously annoyed

time lapse to Jesse's house

Jesse: You get that one (points to an old controller)

Pink: Don't worry, I got my own

brings out controller

Red and Blue: What the fuck?

Jesse: Surprise surprise.

Jesse and Pink starts playing and Jesse shot Pink

Jesse: Boom headshot!

game ends with Jesse as top 1

Pink: Ugh! (storms out of the house)

Jesse: That went too far...

Blue: About that "have one day with me" what does she mean?

Jesse: Oh, that was nothing. Just to spend a day with you

Red: Jesse has a crush on Blue!

Jesse threatens Red by pulling out a pistol.

Red: Bring it on, bitch!

Jesse pulls the trigger but before the bullet hits Red,

-Episode Ends-

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