Thanksgiving Massacre
DF Thanksgiving
Thankful for the turkey
Air date 11-28-13
Written by Alpha-LoneWolf and YoshiRocker13
Directed by Alpha-LoneWolf
Location Blue's House
Other episodes by the author

Season 6

Getting Whooped



Blue celebrates Thanksgiving with his family, but has some uninvited guests.


Blue: I am going to make my family the best turkey for Thanksgiving.

Blink: Yay turkey.

Pink: Thank you so much Blue

Blue: Just let me get this set up. (goes into the kitchen)

Red: (breaks though the kitchen window) Ninja!

Blue: RED! What the fuck Man!? Can't you see I'm about to make a Turkey!?

Red: (looks at the turkey) This turkey isn't even properly made yet! It's missing a whole bunch of stuff!

Stacy: (climbs through the broken window) Wow nice door Blue.

Blue: WILL YOU IDIOTS GET OUT!? This is a FAMILY Thanksgiving!

Red: (Starts pouring vodka on the turkey) Time to get this bird drunk.

Blue: (pushes Red away) You can't put Vodka on the Turkey! What about Blink!?

(turkey burps out the neck)

Red: It will put hair on his chest,

Stacy: (licks over the turkey while rubbing her breasts over it) Mmm, tastes good so far.

Pink: (calls from the other room) Blue! Is everything okay?

Blue: (quickly moves Red and Stacy out) Err, everything is fine honey! (laughs nervously)

Red: Wait, I want the wish bone!

Blue: Get out! (pushes Red out the window)

(Red's scream is heard as he falls out as Blue quickly shuts the window) 

Pink: (calls from the other room) Blue how is the turkey?

Blue: (calls) It's fine honey! (quickly scrubs off the vodka and breast marks the Turkey) God damn it!

(there is a knock on the door)

Blue: (looks through the peephole) Yes?

(the door is kicked open and Red comes in with Stacy)

Red: You dick, let us in to eat!

Stacy: Some people are so rude.

Blue: The turkey is for my family! Not you idiots!

(Stacy and Red sit at the table)

Pink: What are you doing here!?

Red: Free country beeatch!

Blue: I told you idiots! GET OUT!! NOW!!!

Stacy: This hungry is bitch!

Stacy and Red: We want food! We want food! We want food!

Red: We want sex! oh wait that's for later.

Blue: (growls in anger) FINE! But if you fucktards mess ONE thing up, YOUR OUTTA HERE!!! UNDERSTAND!!?

Red: Pfft. Don't be such a puss about it. You won't even notice us here. (drinks a bottle of vodka)

Stacy: (Adjusting her bra at Pink) Does this bra make my boobs look fat?

Pink: Stop doing that in front of Blink! (covers his eyes)

Blink: Ooh! The world's gone dark!

Blue: This is a good reason I need you idiots out of here!

Red: We didn't mess anything up so eat it dumbass.

Blue: I mean stop performing adult stuff in front of Blink!

Stacy: My boobs are hungry.

Red: You only said not to mess things up so you lose.

Blue: No- I mean- (screams in anger)

Pink: I'll just get earplugs for Blink. We aren't going to let them ruin our thanksgiving.

Blue: Good idea.

(Later Red and Stacy are making out while they wait for the food. Pink turns Blink away from seeing them)

Pink: (groans) Is the turkey almost done Blue?

Blue: Just about.

Red: Turkey, turkey, turkey, turkey, turkey.

Blue: Done! (puts the turkey on the table)

Blink: Oooh! Yummy! (prepares to eat some)

Pink: (takes out Blink's earplugs) We should say what we are thankful for.

Blue: Your right we should.

Pink: I am thankful for our beautiful family.

Blue: Same here.

Blink: I am thankful for my two favourite people, my mommy and daddy!

Pink: Aw thank you Blink.

Stacy: I'm thankful for sex.

Pink: (sarcastic) Nice one Stacy.

Red: (comes in with an active chain saw) I'm thankful for turkey. LET'S EAT!!! (Starts cutting the turkey with the chain saw)

(Pink and Blink screams in fear)

Blink: DON'T HURT ME!!!




  • 1/5 Unicorn Barf!
  • 2/5 It was like Meh.
  • 3/5 I guess it was... pretty good.
  • 4/5 This is like crazy right?

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