The Annoying Thing
The Annoying Thing
Air date April 2013
Written by YoshiRocker13, Alpha-Lonewolf
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  This is the 3rd episode made by me and Alpha-Lonewolf. Wolf introduces Rapper to Lad. But someone Wolf hates arrives. Fifi! Will Rapper get used to her?



(camera shows Drunken Bear Tavern. Inside, Rapper is talking to Lad.)

Rapper: I must say Lad! You are one big awesome fighter.

Lad: Thanks wee laddie, from the sounds of it you sound like quite the brawler yerself! (gave Rapper a huge friendly pat on the back that knocked him to the floor)

Wolf: You did quite well to get in this place.


(Wolf was leading Rapper to the Tavern)

Wolf: Alright Rapper, get ready to defend yourself when we step in.

Rapper: I was born ready. What's going on?

Wolf: Well lets see? (gestures Rapper to go in first)

Rapper (walks in) Hello? Is anyone here?

(right when Rapper took his first step inside, he was greeted with a fist to the face.The tavern was in a constant bar fight in many places, but mostly around the door. Rapper had himself caught inside one of the groups fighting)

Wolf: (blocks the first punch as he jumps in the tavern and fought his way to Rapper) I thought I told you to defend yourself when we first STEP in?

Rapper: Alright THAT'S IT!!! (Gets back into the fight and knocks all the fighters out)

Rapper: Never mess with the orange guy.

(Soon Lad walks up to Rapper)

Rapper: Whoa! Who are you??

Lad: This yer friend Wolf?

Wolf: Yeah he's the new guy here.

Lad: Is that so? Come on wee lad let's get you a drink!

Flashback End

Lad: The thing about this place is that barfights are always allowed as long as there are no deaths!

Rapper: Well I must say Wolf you have some very interesting friends!

Wolf: Think thats something? You should see my friend Foully.

Lad: Aye, that one is a mouthful!

Rapper: Why what's he like?

(Foully then flies in and lands on Wolf's shoulder)

Rapper: Aah you must be Foully. Name's Rapper.

Foully: What the fuck is it to you pussy shit cock muncher.

Rapper: (angered) What the fuck did you just say to me!?

Lad: Give the bird time wee laddie. Soon you'll be the best of friends.

Rapper: Pfft, over my dead body!

(Suddenly a girl walks in but Rapper doesn't know who she is. The girl is actually Fifi)

Fifi: Hey Wolfy! who is this orangy orange fruit? (starts poking Rapper in the ear)

Wolf: Oh shit why now?

Foully: You're in for some shit now citrus grandma's pussy.

Rapper: Hey, quit it! (Fifi keeps poking Rapper's ear) QUIT IT!!! (she stops)

Fifi: Ow! You talk too loud fruit man, you should have a cookie. (pushes a cookie against Rapper's mouth)

Rapper: Stop Choking!

Fifi: I've kept it in the back of my skirt for three weeks to keep it nice and safe even when I sleep and use the bathroom. (bounces up and down with a proud look)

Rapper: (spits cookie out) ARE YOU CRAZY!!?? Wolf why are you even friends with this girl!?

Wolf: (deadpan) Who say it was my idea to be her friend?

Fifi: Wolfy man saved me from Bowser and Dr. Octopus and now he is my supey super hero! (rasies hands in the air)


Fifi: (hugs Wolf) I wuv you.

Rapper: (tries not to laugh) That's just so childish! (Fifi tries takes a bite out of Rappers head)

Rapper: GET OFF MY HEAD!!!! (Pulls out his gun and shoots Fifi, who dies) Your problem is solved.

Wolf: So you think.

Fifi: (gets right back up alive and well) You don't taste like an orange. The marshmallows lied to me!


Wolf: She comes back to life when ever someone kills her.

Fifi: (talks as they speak) I know what you mean, like this one time I got into a candy store.

Wolf: I tried to kill her in so many ways, but she keeps coming back to life.

Fifi: (still talks as they speak) I remember I was in the candy store and i saw this shiney candy that looked like barney.

Wolf: (getting irritated) She still calls me her hero when I try to kill her after.

Fifi: (still talks as they speak) And then I ate the candy but didn't like it so i spit it out back with the other candy.

Rapper: (evily smiles) Hey Fifi! If you go leave us alone. I'll let you have these cookies! (pulls out a bag of cookies)

Fifi: COOKIES!!! (Jumps out and swallows bag and Rappers arm)

Wolf: Be sure to get rid of the bag next time.

Rapper: GAAH!!! MY ARM!!!

Fifi: (talks with mouth full) Mmm, cookies taste fleshy.

Rapper: Alright THAT'S IT!!! Here's more! (throws the bag out the window)

Fifi: MORE COOKIES!!! (chases it but the bag is caught by Bruce)

Bruce: What the?

(Fifi swallows the bag and Bruce's arm)

Bruce: The FUCK!!?

Fifi: (mouth full) My cookies.

Bruce: (pulls out a shotgun and points it at Fifi which scares her) THAT'S IT!!! NOW I'M GOING TO RIP OFF YOUR HEAD AND FEED YOU BODY TO THE SHARKS!!!!!!!!!!

Fifi: (forgets about the gun) Yay! You're going to take me to the aqaurium zoo! I want to dress up as Flipper.

Bruce: Grrrr!

Rapper: You think we should help her?

Wolf: Wait a moment, I want to see where this goes.

Foully: Shit head here always likes to see the whore cunt die just for a laugh.

Lad: Now ye know why he doesn't have a lass.

Bruce: (heads home but Fifi follows him) Will you stop following me!? I am not in the mood of killing right now!

Fifi: You have small sticks on your head. (pointing at his hair)

Bruce: GAAAH!!!!

(Everyone in the Drunken Bear Tavern start laughing hysterically)

Rapper: (laughing between words) Oh man! We should do this more often!

Wolf: Okay i admit it. Fifi is good to have around... sometimes.

-Episode Ends-


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