The Bloody Breakdown
Bloody Violet
Get the fuck back here!
Air date 4-28-14
Written by AndrewBrauer & Mdkid663
Directed by AndrewBrauer
Location Streets
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 After an experiment gone wrong, Violet turns into a bloody killer, and Jones must figure out a way to change Violet back to normal.



(Violet was practicing martial arts with katanas, testing her skill, agility and dexerity)

Jones: (Out of nowhere) Watcha up to?

Violet: Nothing. (still practicing)

Jones: If you really want to be more powerful you should train like Jade.

Violet: I'm more into outwitting powerful beings.

Jones: Then how strong are you then?

Violet: Just, regularly strong.

Jones: I bet you want to be stronger.

Jones: Yes or No? Cause I've been working on new experiments for super human strength.

Violet: I guess if can't be that bad.

Jones: Well duh! Just come to my lab.

Violet: (rolls eyes) Fine.

(Cuts to Violet strapped to a table and Jones is about to inject Violet with a needle)

Jones: Don't worry, this won't hurt.

Violet: Okay.

(Jones inject the needle in Violet and suddenly the lights go out, and some screaming is heard)

Jones: What the fuck is that!?

(The lights come on, and Violet is gone)

Jones: Where did she go?

(Violet starts to laugh psychotically)

Jones: Where are you!?

Violet: (pupils turn red and tiny) I feel so fucking great!

Jones: Well you don't sound good!

(Suddenly Jones sees the door open and Violet runs out)

Jones: Oh fuck!

(Jones goes outside and Violet is gone into the city)

Jones: I got to fix this shit!

(Violet is seen with blood around her body killing many people while laughing maniacally)

Jones: (Notices Violet) Hey! Stop!

Bloody Violet: Why? Cause I'm so bloody!?

Jones: Because you're killing people!

Bloody Violet: (laughs) I know, and I like it!

Spark: What's wrong with her?

Jones: Long story, it involves an experiment gone wrong.

Alice: Experiment gone wrong?

Spark: What experiment?

Jones: Too make her stronger.

Spark: Did it backfire?

Jones: She wants to kill people, so I'll say yes.

Michael: That's not good!

(A couple of knives is heading toward Alice and Michael)

Alice: Oh shit! (Dodges the knives)

Michael: Fuck! (Dodges the knives)

Spark: (deflects the knives) Violet! Snap out of it will ya!?

Jones: That won't work!

Bloody Violet: I'm making got to make you all squeal like pigs.

Alice: (To Bloody Violet) There's something wrong with you!

Bloody Violet: Bitch! FUCK you! (tries to stab Alice)

Alice: (Michael pushes her out of the way) Okay, something is wrong with you!

Jones: You three better stay away, she'll kill you!

(Bloody Violet notices Jones and does a cyclone move with knives and swords)

Jones: Oh Fuck! (Uses his telekinesis to move the cyclone into the ocean) Most likely Japan will have another tsunami.

(Bloody Violet then spins in a tornado-like manner and knives and katanas)

Jones: We have to run! (He then runs with Spark, Alice and Michael away from Bloody Violet)

Bloody Violet: Get the fuck back here!

Jones: No! You must be stopped and we have to find a way!

Bloody Violet: Fuck you Jones! (shoots eye lasers at Jones and the others)

Alice: (Dodges the eye lasers) How is she doing that?

Jones: i have no fucking clue! (Shoots eye laser back at Bloody Violet)

(Bloody Violet generates a fire force field)

Michael: Well, we're screwed!

Jones: No! I just need to make an antidote!

Spark: How about I distract Violet!?

Alice: But you'll get killed!

Michael: Are you sure man?

Spark: Yeah, I'm sure. (runs of to fight Violet)

(Spark fights off Violet as best as he can, Violet spins like a tornado at Spark but he dodges and gets several cuts)

Jones: So you two are going to come with me to my lab and help find a way to make an antidote.

Alice & Michael: Okay. (Follows Jones to his lab as Spark gets up and continues to fight Bloody Violet)

Bloody Violet: Come on anime boy! Is that all you got!? (laughs more maniacally)

(Spark gets angry)

Spark: (tries to calm down) I'm not gonna kill you Viola! (fights Violet)

(Back at Jones Lab)

Jones: I can make an antidote by mixing these two chemicals and then having it ready.

Alice: How long will it take?

Jones: I have no fucking idea.

(Cuts back to the fight between Spark and Bloody Violet)

Bloody Violet: (tackles Spark) DIE!

(Bloody Violet and Spark continue to punch and kick each other)

Spark: Come on! Where are they!?

Bloody Violet: What's wrong little boy lightning? Can't save yourself!?

(Jones flies out and distracts Bloody Violet with his eye laser)

Jones: Bitch, you better stop all this!

(Alice and Michael come up behind Bloody Violet and hold her down as Jones prepares to inject Bloody Violet with the antidote)

Jones: This is for your own good!

(Jones injects the antidote needle into Bloody Violet, Bloody Violet struggles back soon turns back to normal)

Jones: Nice! It worked!

Violet: (unconscious) Ugh, my head. What happened?

Jones: You went berserk.

Violet: What!? How!?

Jones: My experiment on you went wrong, so you tried to kill us, now this antidote should make you even stronger!

Violet: I don't know what to say.

Jones: What should you say

Violet: That I should thank you or kill you.

Jones: Uhhh…. maybe thank me? (Hides behind Spark)

Alice: (To Violet) Maybe you can see if your really that strong.

Violet: Sure.

(Violet touches the wall and disintegrates it using her energy)

Jones: It works! I'm the shit!

Violet: Looks like you have my thankfulness.

Jones: Great! Now I'm going to get the fuck out of here before you try to rip my head off for making you go insane. (Flies off)

The End

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