The Cat and The Crack Whore
Air date 2-9-14
Written by AndrewBrauer & AFiguresRock
Directed by AndrewBrauer
Set in Daytime
Location Earl Grey's Secret Warehouse
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Mari meets Simon

 Emma from Lightshow meets Heather from Figures of the Knight: L.A. and A.L. Part 1. The two end up going on an adventure to kill Earl Grey. Special thanks to AFiguresRock for working on this with me.



(Opens with Heather walking in the park looking lonely)

Heather: Will I ever find a friend?

(Suddenly Emma runs into Heather while holding a crack stem)

Emma: (Nervous) Hey cat-looking lady, can you help me?

Heather: Wait, what?

Emma: I owe a certain guy some money, and he's gonna kill me unless I give him my crack money, so...

Heather: You need my help?

Emma: Yeah, cause you look like you kick a lot of ass.

Heather: I do, so where is this guy?

Emma: He has a grey warehouse, but we have to be careful, his guards patrol the outside very well.

(Cuts to Heather and Emma outside of the warehouse)

Heather: Let's do this.

(Heather pulls out her Golden Gun and Sword)

Guard One: You two ladies are in the wrong place and you better leave.

(Emma's eyes suddenly turn red)

Emma: (Demonic Voice) I WANNA EAT YOU ALIVE!!

Heather: Time to fuck some shit up!

(Heather slices and shoots several butlers, Emma grabs a head off of a butler and crushes it with her hands, she then rips three more butlers)

Heather: (Shocked) Look at all this blood.

Emma: (Demonic Voice) EARL GREY!!!

Heather: Wait Earl Grey?

Emma: (Switches back to normal voice) Yeah, he had some Crack and I bought some, shit I think I'm back to normal.

Earl Grey: (Floats in the air and laughs evil) Just in time, it's me Eaarrrrllll Grey!!!

Heather: (Yells) We're gonna kill you!

Earl Grey: Such disrespect, I see you brought one of my cilents.

Emma: (Yells) We're gonna kill you.

(Earl Grey throws Emma against a wall with his force)

Heather: Fuck!

Earl Grey: Hope that took care of it all.

Heather: (Angry) Alright now it's on!

(Heather begins to fight Earl Grey, Heather dodges his attacks, Earl Grey dodges her attacks, then Heather slaps him)

Earl Grey: (Angry) You pity little bitch.

(Earl Grey shoots a spark at Heather she manages to dodge it, and shoots Earl Grey in the arm with her gun)

Earl Grey: What the douse?

Heather: Time to die!!

(Heather stabs Earl Grey in the chest, and an explosion happens blowing up the warehouse)

Emma: (Coughing) Holy Shit.

Heather: You okay?

Emma: Yeah, I'm fine, by the way my name is Emma.

Heather: Heather Catkitty.

(Heather helps Emma up)

Emma: How did you do all that?

Heather: I'm a paranormal hunter, I hunt demons for a living.

Emma: Cool, I bet you're wondering why I was acting like I was on my woman week.

Heather: Yeah, why do you act like that?

Emma: Long story, rough childhood, hanged out with my brother a lot.

(Emma and Heather leave the Warehouse)

Heather: Do you have any sisters?

Emma: No, but my brother Simon owns a nightclub that you should check out sometime.

Heather: I'll have to tell Mari about that.

Emma: Okay well I have to go, great to meet you.

(Emma leaves Heather and Simon approaches Emma)

Simon: What happened to you?

Emma: Oh Nothing, just had an awesome adventure and made a new friend.

(Cuts to Heather)

Heather: Yes!

The End


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