The Chicks are Just Cool
Season 2, Episode 5
17. The Chicks are just Cool
Air date 12/8/13
Directed by IONIXMUSIC
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Violet: God, I'm so goddamn bored.

Nicole: We have food!

(Violet runs over to the fridge and opens it, stuffing food in her mouth.)

Violet (muffled): Why didbn't you telb me this beforb?

Nicole: Because I knew you would eat it all?

Absinthe: Hey, we have a crap-ton of food left in you pantry.

Amy: What are we going to do today?

Georgia (in her head): Please say nothing, please say nothing!

Ianthe: Nothin'.

Georgia: HELL YEAH!

(All of the girls look at her.)

Absinthe: Wow. That's probably the only thing I've heard from you in like, two weeks.

Georgia: I...only speak when I want to...

Amy: Well we knew that.

Ianthe: I'm gonna go sleep.

Nicole: So Absinthe, have you heard anything from the DICKS?

Absinthe: Not yet. That mission we sent them on was pretty harsh...

Nicole: Hopefully they'll come back okay.

(Suddenly, their TV turns on, with a transmission from the DICKS.)

Samuel: Hey VAGINA squad!

Absinthe: Sam! How's the terrorist raiding going?

Samuel: Pretty well! We captured the main man, now we're gassing the whole place. We had to evacuate.

Amy: Sounds awesome! Can we see the building?

(Sam pans his camera the building, showing a wrecked, gassed facility.)

Amy: Dude, you destroyed the place.

Samuel: Well a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do.

Absinthe: Where are the other members?

Samuel: Oh, they're getting rid of the bodies.

Absinthe: Can you transmit the other members?

(The TV turns to static, changing back to Derek's view.)

Amy: Derek!

Derek: Hey Amy. I'm by the river right now, disposing these stupid dead bodies.

Amy: What about the main man that Sam was talking about?

Derek (nervous): Uh...he's...

Amy: Don't tell me he's still alive!

Derek: He's not! We just left the wreckage.

Amy: Dammit Derek! You know with their technology they can bring him back to life, right?!

Derek: We'll dispose of his body once the gas is cleared, okay?

Amy: Fine. Just stay on task.

(She turns off the TV.)

Amy: *sigh*...Man, I am so bored.

Violet: Hey, that's my line!


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