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Red and Blue's Team

Team Alpha


Everyone Going To War, Everyone Turn Tables Wolf,HungryGrox,Stick775,Gold and Everyone Join Reds and Blue Team

Transcript Part 1


Blue: What The?!

Red: Ugh... What Happened

Blue Opens the Door

Blue: Ahhh!

SAS Soldier: Destroy target R and target B

HungryGrox: Target R and Target B Wait a sec! is that Red and Blue!

SAS Soldier: Yes

HungryGrox: Oh no you Won't!

HungryGrox Chokes the Soldier then HungryGrox Got a parachute


HungryGrox: SAS Betrayed us !

Blue and Red: What!

HungryGrox: C'mon we should find the others

Stick775: What are you Doing!

SAS Leader: Something I should have done a long time ago....

The leader activates a device that suck the life of Stick775


SAS Leader: Huh!

Wolf: Hey you ! Stop that!

SAS Leader: You're too late

Stick775: GAH!

Wolf: No!

SAS Leader: Hahaha!

Wolf: You're..... You're INSANE!

SAS Leader: HAHAHAHA! Time to Exterminate You!

Wolf: Never! Team Alpha Attack!

SAS Leader: Soldiers! Do my Dirty Work!

56 Ninja Greaswords Later....

SAS Soldiers: Ugh.... I can't feel my spinal cord! AHH!

SAS Leader: Gah! Huh Where the Body

Wolf: Haha! S'ee you next time !'

When Wolf and Team Alpha went to home base

Alpha Medic: He Needs 7 days for Healing

Wolf: Ok

Fifi: So

Wolf: He's fine

Fifi: Good


Wolf: Huh?! Incoming Transmission?

???: Need (SHHH) Help FA(SHHHH) Betrayed Us Help!

Computer: Transmission Ended

Wolf: Computer, Tell me the location of the Incoming transmissson

Computer: Nagasaki,Japan

Wolf: Good, Team Were Moving to Japan

Fox and Fifi: Yay!

As Team Alpha Went to Japan Lets go back to Red and Blue's place

Red: Alright Then we need a phonebook and one thousand phones

To be continued

Transcript Part 2

reserved for HungryGrox

Transcript Part 3

reserved for Alpha-Lonewolf

Transcript part 4

reserved for Stick775

Transcript part 5

Reserved for CookieEyes

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