The Last Laugh
Request for AndrewBrauer 6
(Coughs) That is unusual.
Air date 5-30-14
Written by AndrewBrauer, YoshiRocker13, and Mdkid663
Directed by AndrewBrauer
Location Rare's Mansion
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  Rare learns that her laughter will lead to her dying in 24 hours, unless she can find a solution.



(Blink is sitting on the floor watching TV while Rare was on the couch behind him, reading a book, wearing slippers with her regular clothes)

Rare: (Thinks) Blink is awfully quiet.

(Blink remains quiet while watching TV)

Rare: You bored Blink?

Blink: (Sighs) Yeah... there's nothing on tv. (Turns it off)

Rare: Well... (Kicks her slippers off as she puts her feet behind Blink)

Blink: (While being tickled by Rare's feet) That tickles!

Rare: My feet can do more than be used to walk. (Giggles)

Blink: Oh, now it's on! (Grabs Rare's ankles and tickles her feet)

Rare: (Laughs) That... is... so great!! (Starts coughing)

Blink: Are you okay?

Rare: (Coughs) No, it's... (Coughs more) It's nothing. I don't know, that was unusual.

Blink: Okay...

Rare: Maybe it was the laughing, I'll try to control myself.

Blink: Okay. (gets his fingers closer to Rare's feet) Should I continue?

(Rare nods as Blink continues tickling Rare's feet, she tries to not laugh, but is having a hard time as tears come out of her eyes)

Rare: (Laughs) I can't help it! (Coughs)

(Rare continues laughing, but she lets out air instead of laughter)

Blink: Rare! Are you okay?!

(Shawn hears Blink and Rare and heads to them, as Rare starts gasping for air, Shawn knocks on the door)

Blink: RARE! Are you okay?!

Rare: (Coughing) Get... the... door! (Continues gasping for air)

(Blink opens the door to let Shawn in)

Blink: Doggy man! Rare's in trouble!

(Rare continues to gasp, to the point where she can't get up)

Blink: RAAARE! (runs to her)

Shawn: I'll try something.

Rare: (Coughing) Anything... please!!

(Shawn tries to perform CPR on Rare)

Blink: What's wrong with her?!

Shawn: I think she lost her laughter!

(Shawn carries Rare and rushes her to the hospital, where she is then seen with a doctor)

Doctor: Alright ma'am, the problem is, that you seem to have lost your laughter.

Rare: What?

Doctor: Unless you can find a cure in 24 hours, but if not... You will die.

Rare: (Gasp) That's impossible.

(Rare walks out and meets up with Shawn and Blink)

Blink: What did the doctor say?

Rare: Oh... nothing, I'm fine Blink.

Blink: Are you sure?!

Rare: Yes, now I have to talk to... Doggy man. (Points to Shawn)

Blink: (gulps) Maybe I should go. If it's very bad, I don't wanna hear it.

Rare: Well, my bodyguards can take you back to my mansion, and I'll meet you there.

Blink: Okay. (The bodyguards take Blink back to her mansion)

Shawn: (To Rare) He said, if you don't get her laughter back in 24 hours... you'll die?

Rare: How do you know?

Shawn: The doctor told me that.

Rare: (To Shawn) Please help me!

Shawn: Wait a minute, why should I help you after what you did with Blue and Pink?

Rare: (Sighs) Because, this isn't just for me, this is for Blink, he loves me.

Shawn: Alright, I know I'm not good at this, but I'll try.

Rare: Oh thank you, but how can you help?

Shawn: How about some viral videos?

Rare: How will that help?

Shawn: Usually people see them as very funny.

Rare: I don't think Viral Videos will give me back my laughter,

Shawn: Oh okay, I'll see what I can do

Rare: Maybe someone with a medical cure can save me

(Shows a montage of Shawn trying to get Rare's laugher back but everything wasn't a success at all, it then cuts to Shawn and Rare at a couch)

Rare: (Coughs) Nothing is working, and the day is almost over!

Shawn: (thinks to himself) Man! There's gotta be something!

Rare: Look, I think now I should spend some time with Blink, and (Sighs) Tell him the truth.

Blink: (to the Bodyguards) Do you guys like Hide and Seek?!

(The Bodyguards look annoyed, Rare walks in)

Rare: (Coughs) Hey Blink.

Blink: So what happened?

Rare: (Sighs) Listen, the truth is, that... (Coughs) I'm not gonna pull through, I'm dying.

Blink: (becomes very upset) WHAT?!

Rare: (Kneels down to Blink) I'm sorry, but it's true. (Coughs)

Blink: I don't want you to die! I love you auntie Rare!

Shawn: It is the truth.

Rare: I love you too, but there's nothing I can do.

Blink: (sheds a tear) I understand.

(Blink then hugs Rare, where Blink cries as he hugs Rare)

Blink: This is all my fault! I shouldn't have tickled you so much!

(Blink's tears then land on Rare's face and she stops coughing)

Rare: (Surprised) What the... I've stopped coughing!

Blink: Hu- Huh?! But how?!

Rare: I don't know, it must have been a miracle.

Blink: Maybe you just need a drink of water.

Rare: Or maybe it was the tears from you that cured me!

Blink: What? How does that even work?! Oh it doesn't matter! I'm just glad your not dying! (hugs her)

Rare: (Starts crying) Me too!

Blink: (sighs) So what should we do now auntie Rare?

Rare: I don't know, but I think it's your turn for a little tickling! (Starts tickling Blink's armpits)

Blink: H- Hey! Come on! That's not fair! (Laughs)

Rare: (Giggles) Why?

Blink: IT JUST ISN'T! Come on! (continues laughing)

Rare: Well, your laughing, so technically, it is fair!

Blink: (laughs) Stop it! (suddenly starts coughing)

Rare: Blink! Are you okay?

(Blink nods, as he takes the opportunity to tickle Rare's feet)

Rare: Ah man! He got me!

The End


  • We learn that Blink's tears may cure someone from dying.
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