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The Mine Turtle
Air date 2012
Written by HungryGrox
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Stick775 and HungryGrox' Battleflame 3 Adventure



Red found a "Mine Turtle", hooray! What is he going to use it for? Good, evil or just for his own amusement?


(HungryGrox and Stick775 are sitting on a park bench then Red comes with a strange thing in his hands)
Red: Sup bitches?!
HungryGrox: What... the... fuck?
Stick775: What is that?
(It's revealed to be a Mine Turtle)
Red: It's my pet mine turtle!
Mine Turtle: (high pitched voice) Hello!
HungryGrox: What does that thing do?
Red: When you press the button it triggers a mine!
Stick775: So if I were to press that button, some explosives would go off?
Red: Yes.
HungryGrox: Wouldn't that be dangerous?
Red: Nah.
(HungryGrox and Stick775 stands still for a while)
HungryGrox: I am going to play with some guns with Brown. Want to follow?
Stick775: Nah. That thing looks pretty cool.
HungryGrox: (goes away) Whatever.
(A minute passes and they are in Maulmart)
Stick775: So what are we gonna do with it?
Red: I have the perfect idea.
Stick775: What?
Red: We place it infront of the entrance and guess what happens?
Stick775: Someone will step on it?
Red: Correct!
(Red lays the mine turtle infront of the entrance. A hour passes but nothing happens)
Stick775: Dafuq is dis shit?
Red: Wait for the perfect kill! Here someone comes!
(Red and Stick775 hide behind a hotdog stand. Stacy comes in through the entrance)
Stacy: Oh look a sandwich!
Mine Turtle: Hello!
(Stacy steps on it and she blows up with the mine turtle still in one piece)
Stick775: OMG dude you just killed your own girlfriend!
Red: Whatevah! This can be fun!
(They go outside Lord Tourettes house. And they lay the mine turtle just by the door)
Stick775: Why here? He is really nice you know.
Red: This is for not giving me a birthday present you little fuck.
(Lord Tourettes comes back from buying groceries)
Lord Tourettes: Awwwww, that's so... FUCKING MOTHERS COCKSUCKERS!
Mine Turtle: Hello!
(Lord Tourettes picks up the mine turtle and takes it in without it exploding)
Stick775: Well, nothing happened...
Red: Wait for it...
Mine Turtle: Goodbye!
(Lord Tourettes' home explodes and he dies but as usual the mine turtle is still alive. Next they go to HungryGrox's house)
Red: This will be fun!
Stick775: You do have a hatred for Grox, don't you?
Red: (with sarcastic idiot voice) NO!
(He lays the mine turtle at Grox's door. Then HungryGrox and Brown enter the house)
Red: Fuck.
(His house explodes but HungryGrox and Brown dies)
-Episode Ends-

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