The New Hero
A New Hero
Air date May 2013
Written by YoshiRocker13
Location city
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 Red & Blue find out that their old arch nemesis Earl Gray is back to cause havoc to the city. So off go Batman & The Bloser (still boring name) to stop him. But they may not be the only heroes out to stop Earl Gray.


  • Red
  • Blue
  • Rapper
  • Earl Gray
  • Gerald Butler
  • Butlers


(Red, Blue & Rapper are all in a bar)

Red: I'm just so bored!

Blue: Sometimes I wish something exciting would happen.

(suddenly the bartender turns gray and collapses)


Blue: Shut up! (to bartender) Are you alright? How did you....?

Bartender: (slowly dying) I think he's back. That gray bastard.

Red: What gray bastard!? Broseph!? (pulls out gun) That fucktard!

Bartender: No! Earl Gray!

Rapper: Who... is Earl Gray?

Blue: An old villain who tried to turn everything black and white.

Rapper: Seriously?

Red: (to bartender) Not to worry! We'll get Batman.

Bartender: (slowly dying) G......good. (dies)

Red: He's dead.

Blue: Just like my heart.

Red: Shut Up! We gotta go! Comin' Rapper?

Rapper: Nah. I'll stay here.

(shows a building with Red narrating)

Red: (narrating) Crime strikes once again in this harmless city. But even those villians can be so cruel to the world. But where there's a villian, there's one hero ready to fuck them up! Me.

(shows Batman with Bloser standing next to him)

Batman: Batman!

Bloser: And me! Bloser!

Batman: Still worst name ever

Bloser: As if there's any other name worst than mine!

Batman: Shush! I'm picking something up with my hyper hearing! (a window crash is heard) I can hear it!

Bloser: I can hear it too asshole!

Batman: It came from the bank! LET"S GO! (flies off)

Bloser: Screw my life. (walks off)

(time lapse, shows Batman and Bloser entering the bank)

Batman: This bank has been totally ruined.

Bloser: Just like my life.

Batman: Shut up Bloser! (gasps) The ancient diamond has been stolen!

Bloser: It could only be the villian himself!

Batman: Nah it's just a butler. (shows a butler laughing)

Bloser: No! What I meant was Earl Gray sent a butler to do this!

Butler: Better stay back wankers! (pulls out an electrifyer)

Batman: Impossible!

(suddenly two orange arms twist the butler's neck)

Bloser: What the fuck!?

Batman: Show yourself!

SuperRap: Name's SuperRap.

Batman: (laughs) And I thought Bloser's name was bad!

Bloser: Shut Up!

(Suddenly SuperRap uses a string and grabs Batman's neck with it)

SuperRap: Don't make me cut your head off with this!

Batman: No! I'm sorry! (SuperRap lets go)

SuperRap: Your lucky I didn't rip off your head and put it on my wall. (crashed through window and flies off)

Batman: Damn! He got away!

Bloser: Dude! Don't you remember when we met the Lone Wolf?

Batman: No.

Bloser: He was also trying to stop Earl Gray! We gotta head to Earl Grey's Warehouse!

Batman: Let's go! (flies off)

Bloser: I'm sick of him doing that. (runs off)

(scene cuts to Earl Gray)

Earl Gray: Splendid! Now that we have this diamond we can use my new colour-takeawayer and spread it out to the world with this diamond!

Gerald Butler: Colour-takeawayer is such a stupid name.

Earl Gray: Oh will you just shut up!? It's hard thinking of brilliant name.

(suddenly Earl Gray's diamond is taken from him)

Earl Gray: What in grey dazes!?

(Earl Gray sees a shadow on his ceiling)

Earl Gray: (scared) Goodness! Please don't hurt me!

Gerald Butler: Seriously!?

Earl Gray: Oh uh I mean... (pulls out his sword) Back off you fiend!

(the figure also takes Earl Gray's sword and jumps down from the ceilling. The figure is SuperRap)

Earl Gray: GAAH!!

SuperRap: Better give back the diamond mate! (pulls out his two swords) Before I make blood splurt out of your face!

Earl Gray: GO! TAKE IT! (gives SuperRap the diamond) JUST DON'T KILL ME!!! (runs off)

(suddenly Batman & Bloser arrive)

Batman: Hey! It's you!

(SuperRap flies off)

Batman: He got away!

Bloser: But he defeated Earl Gray and got back the diamond!

Batman: (pissed) Well for once he was the hero...

Bloser: Oh brother.

(shows Rapper at the bar and Red & Blue come in)

Red: Rapper! You won't believe what just happened!

Rapper: You have no idea. (winks at the camera)

-Episode Ends-

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