The Night of Eleven Boobs
Air date 7-1-14
Written by AndrewBrauer & Mdkid663
Directed by AndrewBrauer
Location Earl Grey's Mansion
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 Jade and Violet eat some special brownies and end up with something brand new.



(Jade and Violet are at a dirty, Mexican market, looking around)

Jade: I always love coming here, the people here are my kind.

(A cock fight is going on in the background between two chickens)

Violet: I see.

Jade: I wonder if they have any tacos or...

(They see a man selling bags with brownies in them)

Violet: Brownies?

Jade: Looks like it. (They walk over to the man)

Man: You two amigas gusta brownies?

Both: Yes.

Man: Okay, here's a free sample. (Gives them each a bag of small brownies)

Violet: Can't hurt to try. (smells the brownies first)

Jade: Yeah, I'm hungry.

(They both eat a brownie and feel lightheaded)

Violet: Wow, I feeling weird right now.

Jade: These taste good. (They eat two more brownies, and suddenly see a marijuana leaf sticker on the bags)

Violet: What the-!? Goddammit!

Jade: (Laughs) This night just got more fun.

Violet: Hey, hey, hey, that light bulb is talking to us. (points to a light bulb)

Jade: What is it saying?

Violet: It said... You two are beautiful women....

Jade: (Giggles) Yep.

(Jade and Violet walk out of the market and into the street)

Jade: Do you see spaceships Viola?

Violet: No... Alien armadas...

Jade: Maybe our boobs can crush them.

Violet: Really? How?

Jade: Try and grab the alien armadas with your boobs, duh!

Violet: Okay! Okay! (tries to grab them)

Jade: Our tits are too tiny, we need breast implants!

Violet: How can we get them!?

(The two see Eleven walking out of a sex shop)

Jade: Maybe he can help.

Eleven: .......

Jade: (Points to Eleven) Your eleven right?

Eleven: (nods) ......

Jade: Me and my friend Violet want to make are boobs, lethal weapons.

Eleven: ......?

Violet: We want to destroy an alien armada.

Jade: That's what she said.

Eleven: How?

Jade: (Shocked) You can talk?

Eleven: (facepalms) YES! I can talk.

Jade: But where's your mouth? (Puts her hands all over Eleven's face)

Eleven: That's for me to know, (slaps get arms away) and for you to find out.

Jade: Can you make tits big?

Eleven: Yeah?

Jade: Me and Viola want big tits to crush anything.

Eleven: Your kidding right. Fine. (snaps his fingers three times)

(Violet's and Jade's breasts began to grow larger and larger)

Jade: Whoa! Can you handle the boobie weight Violet?

(Violet easily lifts up her breasts)

Violet: Does this answer your question?

Jade: Well then I... (Her breasts fall on Eleven's crotch)

Eleven: (facepalms) .....

Jade: Wow! I almost crushed your dick!

(Eleven's dick went up from Jade's breasts)

Jade: Nevermind, it's fine. (Gets up) what should we crush first Violet?

Violet: How about that group of gang members.

Jade: Good idea. (They walk up to the gang members)

Violet: Hey boys

Gang Member One: What do you want bitch?

Violet: This! (crushes the gang member with her breasts)

Jade: And this! (Punches the rest of the gang members with her breasts)

(Violet smashes the gang members underneath)

Jade: Wow! These boobs are powerful.

Violet: No shit! What else should we test these on?

Jade: Crush someone so that we can get what we want.

Violet: You, have read my mind.

Jade: Who should we torture with our boobs?

Violet: How about Earl GAY?


(Violet and Jade head off to find Earl Grey)

(Earl Grey is shown walking outside of his mansion and sees Jade and Violet approaching him)

Earl Grey: What do you two whores want?

Violet: Yo! Earl! We want your money!

Earl Grey: (Laughs) No. (Walks back inside his mansion)

(Violet breaks down the door with her giant breasts)

Earl Grey: Bloody hell! (Tries to run away)

(Violet tackles him down quickly and holds him)

Earl Grey: (Moves his right arm frantically around while under Violet's massive breasts) Let me go!!

Violet: (crushes Earl Grey's arm) Give us the money bitch!

Earl Grey: (In pain) Whore! Never!

(Violet crushes his arms more painful)

Earl Grey: (In more pain) No! No! No! Please stop!!!

Violet: Then give us the money damn it!

Earl Grey: Why from me?

Violet: (to Jade) Tell him Jade.

Jade: Oh right.

(Steps on Earl Grey's fingers on his right hand which cause more pain)

Jade: We're high, got massive tits, and want money, that's it!

Violet: You said it.

Earl Grey: You whores are crazy. (Manages to gain some control of his left arm and pinches one of Violet's breasts that are holding him down to the ground) Ha!

Violet: Ow, bitch!

Earl Grey: Now let me go!

Violet: Bitch! FUCK NO!

Earl Grey: I still have a free arm dummy! (Continues to pinch both of Violet's breasts)

Violet: OUCH! (lets go of Earl Grey)

Earl Grey: YES! Now leave, before I summon my butlers to come and kill you.

Violet: Only if you give us your money!

Earl Grey: (Laughs) Then what are you going to do to me then?

Violet: Kill you with our boobs!

Earl Grey: Ha! You amuse me, thinking you could kill me with my breasts.

Violet: (to Jade) How about you show him Jade.

Jade: With pleasure. (Runs up and kick's Earl Grey in the balls, she then smacks his legs to the ground with her breasts)

Earl Grey: (In some pain) Ow! You will... (Sees his feet in both Jade and Violet's boobs together) Gah! I can't feel my toes!

Jade: That's right, our boobs are strong enough to suffocate you, give us some money, or we'll continue to get our boobs up your body until it covers your body completely.

Violet: YEAH!

Earl Grey: Your gonna have to do more than just tickle my piggies with your tities.

Jade: Wanna continue Violet?

(Violet crushes Earl Grey with her breasts as painful than before)

Earl Grey: Stop! Stop! Stop!! (Their breasts increase up to his waist and Violet notices he is growing a boner on her breasts)

Violet: Hey Jade, you seeing what I'm seeing?

Jade: Yeah! His Bell Clock tower is going up! (Laughs)

Jade: Yeah!

(They continue to crush him with their breasts as it covers Earl's Grey whole body including his head, chest, arms, and legs)

Earl Grey: (Muffled under breasts) NOOOO!!!


(Jade and Violet wake up with their breasts back to normal over Earl Grey's dead body)

Violet: What happened?

Jade: I don't know, but I remember we were high, and something involving breasts.

Violet: Same here.

(They look down and see their breasts laying on Earl Grey's dead face)

Violet: Okay.....

Jade: I think we suffocated him.

Violet: Let's get outta here.

Jade: Alright, but first, you wanna rob his mansion?

Violet: Totally.

Jade: Good, cause he may not be dead, he still has a boner.

The End

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