The Overkillers
Air date TBA
Written by AndrewBrauer & Mdkid663
Directed by AndrewBrauer & Mdkid663
Other episodes by the author

The Living Kamikaze

Thorns in My Roots

 When Lord Takagami comes back from the dead, the world's greatest (and most selfish) superheros must come together to stop him.



(Earl Grey is in his mansion trying to resurrect Lord Takagami)

Earl Grey: If I bring him back to life, then hopefully we can both destroy the world! (Laughs in a evil tone)

(Earl Grey gives Lord Takagami a shock and an explosion occurs, knocking Earl Grey back)

Earl Grey: I hope that works.

(Lord Takagami awakes from being dead and approaches Earl Grey)

Lord Takagami: Who are you?

Earl Grey: I'm the man who brought you back to life, and together, we are going to destroy the world.

(Lord Takagami ignores Earl Grey and slices him in half with his sword)

Lord Takagami: No, I will take over, but first… (Several ninjas show up) I need my ninjas to start destruction, attack anyone you see!

(The ninjas leave and start to attack the city)

Lord Takagami: I Will take over the entire world!! (Laughs in a evil tone)

(It then cuts to the streets where the ninjas are attacking random people)


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