Lightsaber (Rotator)
Ultimate Lightsaber


Switches to Different weapon modes


Light and Indestructable to Even Other Lightsabers


Unknown Indestructable Metal

A long lost weapon in space and the only one of it's kind. The Rotator is a lightsaber of many features and capabilities. They become single sabers, duel sabers, and a gun. Due to it's unique way of operation it would take the skills beyond that of a master to wield it to it's full potential. The Rotator was however guarded by a great and bizzare creature that cannot be killed in any way and has thus far kept the Rotator out of everthings reach. The claws on the ends of the lightsabers can also be used as a means of attack.


Single mode

Can switch the saber blade from one end of the lightsaber to the otherside and can constantly switch to confuse the enemy.

The larger ends of the single mode lightsaber can extend on a energy link cable to perform some God of War moves for long distant combat.

Duel Mode

Same as a duel lightsaber except can also have the ability switch one saber blade to the otherside which extends the lightsaber blade even further making a longer blade for the light saber.

Gun Mode

Has an attachment that can place both of the single mode sabers together creating a short double barrel laser gun with strong enough laser shots to shoot through the stronest metal.

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