Sword of Beginnings
Ancient Sword

Known for

Holding all of the areas and all events in the universe.


Infinite spells and all the power in the whole universe.





The Sword of Beginnings is the most powerful weapon and most ancient. The entire weapon can't be destroyed. The material is anti-matter fusion with a mix of Unknown metals, that even the most smartest scientist doesn't knows. It contains all of the world history within it.


There was only 1 made. Blank has the only blade. It was created for all the events in the universe so the data from all of it won't corrupt anything.

Known Spells

Collision Crush- The most strongest attack. It instantly kills anything it was casts upon as the the antimatter collides with the casted person.


  • The sword can't be controlled by who uses it for his/her use.
  • It has many Spells to use, you can't name them all.
  • It was made in the very beginning.
  • The Sword uses souls to raise the power.
  • If it is destroyed, the whole entire life in DF universe will be destroyed.
  • It has been used by some so much but none have controlled it until Blank took it.

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