The World's End - Final Trailer
The World's End Poster
Air date August 2, 2013
Written by YoshiRocker13
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The World's End - Full-Length Trailer

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 Here it is. The final trailer to The World's End which is going to start being made on August 3, 2013! THIS IS AWESOME!


(shows Red, Blue & Rapper lying on the floor looking drunk)

Blue: Red! Stop making me drink so much!


Rapper: Relax Smurf. It's not like it's the end of the world or something.

(suddenly explosions and screams are heard)

Blue: (looks out window) HOLY SHIT!!!

Rapper: Aah evil villians destroying mankind. (changes subject) Let's go play Flame War.

(action music starts playing when the scene cuts to Red & Blue fighting Earl Grey)

Earl Grey: (bulls out bombs) Prepare to be color-less! (throws bombs)

Blue: (gasps) RUN!

(scene cut to Gerald Butler)

Gerald Butler: I sure hope these girls will surely be our wives!

(zooms to show Pink, Stacy, Indigo and Fox being held captive)

Darla: Really?

(scene cut to Jackal & Shock klling people)

Shock: You better stay out of my way after this!

Jackal: (raises power) Don't tell me what to do, Shockie!

(scene cut to zombies)

Blue: There's too many of them!

Steve: Shall we run for our lives?

Blue: Okay.

(two start screaming and both run off)

(scene cut to Darla fighting Rapper)

Rapper: You'll pay for that little bitch!

(scene montage of Wolf fighting Saigron, Lord Tourettes fighting butlers to protect Wednesday and everyone with looks to kill)

Red: Let's fuck these dicks up!

(shows title of the episode The World's End and shows August 3, 2013)

Trailer Ends

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