The World's End - Full-Length Trailer
Air date 23-7-2013
Written by YoshiRocker13
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The World's End - Teaser


  The second trailer to The World's End is finally here! Only this time it'll be longer. Well maybe a LITTLE bit longer. Be sure to check out the first trailer before seeing this one.


(the trailer begins with a fire background)

Narrator (Dark Doom): This pathetic world, will soon burn with fire, buildings crushed and every pathetic being DESTROYED! (Fire Explodes)

(shows zombies being shot at by Red & Blue)

Blue: They're everywhere!

Red: Suck my non-zombie dick zombies! (shoots one)

(scene cut to Wolf looking pissed while having his fist angrily pound the ground)

Rapper: Dude are you alright?

Wolf: (pissed) I'm not letting them take her away AGAIN! (goes Primal Rage Mode)

(cuts to Pink & Stacy hiding in a shed)

Pink: I just hope we'll be alright?

Stacy: Whatever happened to the zombie party?

(suddenly the roof is ripped off by a giant robot)

Pink: SHIT!!!

Stacy: What in the balls is that?

(scene cut to Earl Grey)

Earl Grey: Just who on earth do you think you are!?

(figure walks out of a building and is Dark Doom)

Dark Doom: My identity (zooms on eyes angry) Is NONE OF YOUR CONCERN!

(scene cut to Gerald Butler holding Indigo)

Gerald Butler: Touch me and you'll never see your girl again! (laughs and flies away)

Indigo: S-Someone help me!

Auburn: INDIGO NOO!!!

(scene cuts to Pink with Blue)

Pink: (cries) I'm scared!

Blue: (hugs Pink) We'll be fine.

(scene cuts to Red bleeding badly)

Red: Forget it Wolf! I'm gonna die!

Wolf: (sighs) I don't know what to do. Everything is destroyed!

(scene cut to Dark Doom flying above buildings)

Dark Doom: Allow me to introduce our ultimate killer.

(suddenly Saigron flies out)

Saigron: Welcome, to death!

(shows everyone in fear)

Narrator (Dark Doom): Will you survive the end of the world?

(shows the title of the episode with words AUGUST 2013)

-Trailer Ends-

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