The World's End - Teaser
This is the End
Air date 10-7-2013
Written by YoshiRocker13
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The World's End - Full-Length Trailer

 Before seeing the epic events of The World's End in August, why not see a trailer first? But if you don't wanna spoil anything than don't read this


Narrator: (camera shows space) Space, I would say is an awesome place. Why is that you ask? Because EARTH is where we live. (zooms to Earth) But what we don't know, is that the world is coming to an end. (Earth Explodes and epic music begins)

(scene cut to Red, Blue, Rapper & Raccoon running away from a giant explosion caused by Gerald Butler)

Gerald Butler: Die fuckers! (laughs)

Blue: Duck!

Red: (looks up) Yeah, I can see some!

Rapper: Yeah they look cute.

Raccoon: No dumbasses! Duck down! (the group duck down)

(scene cut to Auburn panicking in front of Blue)

Auburn: I've looked everywhere and I can't find her ANYWHERE!

Blue: Relax dude. Indigo's my friend too. We'll find her.

(shows Darla stabbing Red with a sword and destroys Wolf's defibrillators)

Red: GAAH!!! (falls down in pain)

Darla: What are you gonna do now Wolf? (laughs)

Wolf: (pissed) Oh you little bitch!

(scene cut to Lord Tourettes standing on a rock)

Lord Tourettes: I will FUCK the best I can do to SHIT this planet!

Wednesday: (from behind L.T.) What he said.

(scene cut to Earl Grey flying above buildings)

Earl Grey: Soon I will be ruling this universe in NO TIME! (laughs evily)

(a dark shadow appears and the figure walks out of the shadow and is revealed to be Dark Doom)

Dark Doom: (raises purple arm) It's time to die!

(everyone stares in fear)

Grox: Shit, we're fucked.

Wolf: (pulls out sword) Not on my watch!

(scene montage begins. Shows Red & Blue fighting ninjas, then shows Wolf slaying butlers in Primal Rage Mode, then shows Pink & Stacy running away from a giant robot, and finally it shows the earth turning grey)

Narrator: The End of the World, is only the beginning of action!

(shows the title card THE WORLD'S END with the words AUGUST 2013 underneath)

-Trailer Ends-

Music in this Trailer

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Epic Blockbuster Trailer Music

Music for Trailer


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