Red and Blue meet a girl who has great skills with a partner by her side. But, 2 people are on the search for her..... But who...??




Lord Tourettes

Samama (Angel)

Lifty and Shifty


Blue- (Watches the news on TV) Man. I wonder what's up on the news today??

News reporter man- We have a report of what happened at an ocean around town. There was a baby seal in the ocean.

Blue- Aww.... How cute.

News reporter man- But, some sort of string pulled it up. That seal has the body of a hot man.

Blue- OH SHIT!!!!!

Red- (Walks up to Blue) Yo, what's wrong?? (Looks at the TV) Oh shit.....

Blue- No no no. There's no way a man could have a real life seal head. How the hell is that possible?!

Red- I don't know. Damn.... He's way hotter than me.

(Sounds of glass breaking and an alarm ringing was heard)

Blue- What the hell?!

(Red and Blue check the window and sees 2 shady figures stealing a bank)

Shady figures- Tehehehehehehe.....

Blue- Oh crap!!

Red- What the hell are they doing?!

Blue- Dude!! Don't you get it?? They're robbing.....

(Blue and Red check the window again. But...... Everything was fine. Alarm were not ringing and no broken glass.)

Blue- W-What??

Red- Whoa!! That must be magic.

Blue- What?! No!! (Groans) Fuck it..... I'm gonna head to the diner. I met someone and we're gonna head to lunch. (Heads to the door) I'll cya later. (Closes door)

Red- Hmm...... Wait. did she say "someone"?? and "she"?? ......Oh well. I guess I'll hang out will some SEXY chicks.

(Meanwhile at the pizza restaurant, Blue was sitting at the diner table, waiting for someone.)

Blue- Ugh... Where is she?? She's suppose to be here for like 5 minutes ago.

(Then, Samama (Angel) walks to the table.)

Samama- Sorry..... Sorry I'm late. I just got busy.

Blue- With what??

Samama- ....... I don't know anymore.

Blue- Oh. So, I hear you're not a drunk type of guy??

Samama- I'm only 19. Why would you ask?? I hate getting drunk. Sofia's my most favorite drink.

Blue- Oh..... Well, what's with your clip in your hair?? Do you always wear it??

Samama- Acually, I was born with it.

Blue- Born with it?! Wow. I wish that happened to me...... I'm just not sure. Red would get jealous about that.

Samama- Yeah. I hear ya.

Blue- By the way, did you see two shady figures stealing a bank today??

(Samama starts to freak out.)

Samama- Umm...... Yeah.

Blue- Hey, Y'alright, Samama??

Samama- Oh!! Nothing. It's just that I'm hungry.

Blue- No worries!! Is it okay if I--

Samama- Oh no no!! I'll do it. Yo, waiter!!! Small cheese pizza Plz!!

Waiter- (Gives Samama and Blue a small cheese pizza and puts it on the table.) As you wish, Ma'am. (Gives Samama a diet coke) And here's your drink. (Walks away)

Blue- Whoa!! Wait a minute. You asked him for a soda.

Samama- I've been here a lot. All the waiters and waitresses in this pizzeria know me. Including the manager knows me. They're like my friends.

Blue- Oh. Okay.

Samama- Well, shall we eat??

Blue- Uh.. Sure!!

(While Samama and Blue started eating, 2 shadowy figures were watching the two, who are not noticing them.)

Figure 1- You hear her??

Figures 2- Yeah. Looks like she meets with a guy.

Lord Tourettes- Oh Ho!! Ms. Samama, it's FUCKING!!! Nice to see you again. He he he....

Blue- You know Samama??

Samama- Like I said. They're like my friends.

Figure 1- Keep your ears straight, fool. They're still talking to that swearing green dude.

Figure 2- Right, Shifty. (Pricks his animal ears up)

Lord Tourettes- Say, I've took care of your SHITTY!!!! Pokemon for you. Ho Ho!!

Blue- What?? Samama, you didn't tell me you had a Pokemon?? I thought they're just gaming animals.

Samama- Yeah. But when I'm around, Pokemon exist. I only have one.... A baby one.

Blue- a Baby?? What's his name??

Samama- (Looks at Lord Tourettes) Should I??

(Lord Tourettes starts to nod.)

Samama- Okay. His name is Manaphy. I got him as an egg a long time ago.

Lord Tourettes- While Ms. Samama was out today, I had to FUCKING!! Take care of Manaphy.

Samama- How is he now??

Lord Tourettes- (Claps hands)

(A Pokemon named Meganium walks into the pizzeria with a Manaphy behind it's back.)

Blue- Holy shit.... That's one big Meganium.

Manaphy- Mana!! (Hi, Mama!!)

Samama- Hi, Manaphy!!

Lord Tourettes- I'm gonna take your Manaphy back to your house. I'll take care of the little DICK!!!

Manaphy- Mana!! (Yay!!)

Blue- So, wait. What are you gonna do when you get back??

Samama- I don't know. Do something random. ....I think.

Blue- You're bored.

Samama- Yep. Ditto??

Blue- Ditto.

Samama- Okay......

Figure 1- You hear it??

Figure 2- Yeah.

Figure 1- Same. Damn, we're good at spying onto their conversation.

Figure 2- You damn right we are!!

Figure 1 and Figure 2- (High five each other) Tehehehehehehe........

(Back at the apartment, Red was sleeping on the couch with empty bottles around him.)

Blue- (Opens door.) Red, guess what?!

Red- (Wakes up) Whoa. Dude, how long were you out with your friend??

Blue- 1 1/2.

Red- Oh. Okay then. But.... Are you in love with her??

Blue- What?! No!! Just friends.

Red- Pffbt. Whatever.

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