Vital statistics
Title Good
Gender Female
Status Alive
Friends Blink, Flame (boyfriend)
Enemies TBD
Age 20
Color Light Purple
Hair Color Purple
Eye Color Purple
Boyfriend(s) Flame
Accent American
Times dead TBD
Tikia is a fictional character in Dick Figures. Tikia is a girl who used to live on an island in the ocean. She liked to live in the forest, eat lots of fruit, and have a treehouse. Nowadays, she came back to America after putting her past behind her and getting together with Flame.

Social Life

When Tikia was 10 years old, she was on a plane trip with her parents. But the plane crashed in the ocean due to an accident. Tikia survived, but her parents passed away. She swam to an island and found ways to live on the island, and lived there for 10 years.

Tikia visited America 2 times, but unfortunately couldn't get used to the modern day living of America since she was a kid, so she kept failing on trying to start a new life, until she came back a third time, where she was able to get a job, rent an apartment, and start a relationship with Flame.



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