Tourettes Love
Lord Tourettes & Miss Tourettes
Air date 5-26-2013
Written by YoshiRocker13
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Beginning of Season 4

Chick Figures

 Lord Tourettes is finally going to get a girlfriend! But is this girl going to be with him?



(shows Lord Tourettes selling some flowers. A woman passes him and he offers her some flowers)

Lord Tourettes: Would you like this BUTT-SALAD of flowers?

Girl 1: (eyes widen) Uhhh. I think I'm alright. (walks off)

Lord Tourettes: (sighs, packs his stuff and begins to walk home and runs into another girl) Ah! Would you like a pretty ring FUCK-FACE?

Girl 2: (eyes widen) Um, no thanks. (walks off)

(Lord Tourettes realises why people don't take his offers and he sits down sad, Holly sees him and walks over to him)

Holly: What's wrong L.T.?

Lord Tourettes: No girl wants to be my DICK-FACE because of my Tou-SHIT syndrome!

Holly: (hugs him) Oh don't be sad L.T. I'm sure you'll find a girl that likes you. I mean, I like you!

Lord Tourettes: Yeah but you FUCK me as a friend!

Holly: Don't be upset L.T. It's not the end of the world. You'll eventually find a girl who loves you as a boyfriend.

Lord Tourettes: (sniffs) Okay.

Holly: Good. I hope you'll understand. (kisses L.T. on cheek and walks off)

Lord Tourettes: (sniffs) Thanks Holly.

Rapper: Heh. Looks like Holly dumped Steve for you! (laughs)

Lord Tourettes: Knock it off FUCK-TARD! She was just trying to cheer me up!

Rapper: Well if your looking for a girlfriend I can help. (points to a dark pink girl)

Lord Tourettes: Wow! Look at that BITCH! She's wearing a hat like mine! (runs off)

Rapper: Heh. And my work is already done! (shoots a guy off-screen)

Lord Tourettes: (bumps into dark pink girl) Oh sorry about that! I didn't watch where I was going!

Dark Pink: (looks away)

Lord Tourettes: What's wrong?

Dark Pink: (looks away)

Lord Tourettes: It's alright! I'm a DICK!

(suddenly the dark pink girl's head pops up and a flashback occurs. The dark pink girl is seen as a kid walking down the hallway at school. She approaches a dark blue kid)

Dark Blue Kid: Well boys look what we have here! It's that lame girl we always make fun of! So tell me weirdo! What are you having for lunch?

Dark Pink: Well I bought a sandwhich from the FUCK-A-TERIA!

Bully 2: Wow! She really IS a weirdo!

Dark Blue: Well (knocks down sandwhich) Your lunch just got ruined! (laughs)

Dark Pink: (starts to cry) Hey! That's not funny RETARD!

Dark Blue: Now Give me your lunch money!

Dark Pink: NO!

Dark Blue: No!? Well we're just gonna have to beat it out of ya!

(The 2 other bullies start going through the girl's pockets. One of them picks up 5 bucks)

Dark Pink: Hey! That's my money!

Dark Blue: Oh really? (boils money and eats the money) Well now it just became my desert!

Dark Pink: (cries) Stop it!

(The two bullies start beating up the dark pink girl and she starts crying loudly, A young Lord Tourettes sees what's going on and gets angry)

Lord Tourettes: Hey! Leave her alone!

Dark Blue: Oh really? What are you going to do fuckface!?

Lord Tourettes: (kicks the dark blue kid in the crotch and punches his face)

Dark Blue: (cries) No! We were only joking! (runs off)


(Flashback ends)

Dark Pink: OMG! I remember you! You're that DICKHEAD who saved me from COCK SUCKING BITCHES!

Lord Tourettes: Oh yeah! What the FUCK was your name? Oh yeah! Lady Tourettes! Sure does BITCH you

Lady Tourettes: (laughs) Thank you! Hey do you want to go to that TITTY resteraunt tonight? We should FUCK up on our past!

Lord Tourettes: Cool! See ya then BITCH-FACE!

(Time cut, shows L.T. & M.T. at a fancy resteraunt)

Lord Tourettes: So what was your SHIT like back in High School?

Lady Tourettes: Very SHITTY! Everyday I thought it was HELL because I really missed you!

Lord Tourettes: (happily cries) I missed you too!

Waitor: Alright so can I get you two anything to eat?

Lord Tourettes: (reads menu) I'll have the PILE OF SHIT!

Lady Tourettes: I'll have the BLOODY HEART OF FUCK!

Waitor: (freaked out) Uhhhh. sure. (walks off)

Lady Tourettes: So after dinner can we look at the sunset?

Lord Tourettes: Of course BITCH!

(Time cut, shows L.T. & M.T. looking at the sun setting)

Lord Tourettes: Today was so FUCKING CHEESY!

Lady Tourettes: Heh. Yeah.

(L.T. & L.T. both look at each other and nervously laugh and without any shock. The two lean forward and finally kiss)

Lord Tourettes: Heh. I FUCK you baby.

Lady Tourettes: I SHIT too!

(Lord Tourettes & Lady Tourettes wrap arms around each other as the sun sets)

-Episode Ends-


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