This will show how Tucker and Jackson fight as one of them film. But sometimes happen wrong.


The video is on by Tucker with sunglasses, also with Jackson. Jackson is driving, looking at the road.

Jackson: Some of you might be thinking 'Why do we have sunglasses?'

Tucker: Since we are demon, we ain't normal people, people keep looking at our eyes, that's not cool.

Jackson: People was also looking at our hair. My hair is awesome. And your hair is...uh...

Tucker: I felt people touching my hair and my hair turn sharp and they got hurt.

Jackson: What about the hair in the front of your face?

Tucker: That's not hair.

Jackson: What?

Tucker: It's skin change, dude.

Jackson: What a sick demon you are.

Tucker: Tell the people what we are going to do.

Jackson: We are going to fight somewhere that my friend show me and we are going to use it. He let us borrow it.

Tucker: Cool because I didn't see a demon for a while like 27 days and I want to kill.

Jackson: But it's real life. We also need to find blood cause it can help us focus and other.

They got of the car and walk into the woods. Tucker was still filming the video. When they got in the woods, it turns dark. Later on, Jackson saw the demon tree that was destroyed by the bloody moon. Jackson stop and have a confusing face.

Tucker: What?

Jackson pointed the tree and Tucker drop the camera as he saw.

Tucker: Dude, WHAT THE FUCK?!

Jackson: D.T. was suppose to protect the tree so we can have more ability!!

Tucker: He told me he bought someone which is was Damon!

Jackson: How did you know?!


Jackson and Tucker brake their sunglasses which show their eyes and started to flame up and got piss. The camera started to levitate up by Jackson. They leave out the woods. They run up in the town and started killing everyone.

Jackson: FUCK ALL OF YOU PEOPLE, YOU ARE USEFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jackson open the ground that show hell. He levitate the people and drop them down. Tucker spin around faster and turn his hair sharp, killing. After the destruction, Tucker and Jackson look at the town, then saw the camera that is levitate by Jackson.

Tucker: Now...I think the government is going to find us.

Jackson: Yea. It was a short video or story.

Both: Bye.

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