Everybody hates him

Favorite Food



Virtually anyone he decides he doesn't like at the second

Weapon of Choice

Ritual Knife

Real Name

Lledrok Daem


Most holy items, Cross's Blessed Water the usual anti demon


Anything that annoys him at the moment

Anger Triggers

Mention of his secret stash of Romantic Manga

What caused him to be true threat

An old poltergeist known only as Malley who he met when he was young

Places he is king

Universe 2564546 Land of Shadows and Blood or LoSaB


Twisted is black with piercing red eyes, horns and wings.


Twisted is stupid, but a different kind of stupid he will think decently smartly then in the end do something so amazingly stupid it ruins everything he has tried to do.

Though overall Twisted is a vile, evil dickhead, and a stupid asshole.


The Prophecy says one day Twisted will destroy the world.

Only the efforts of the most powerful will be able to stop him.


Twisted flies

Has Super Strength

Can Transform Into Anyone He Absorbs

Can Become A Shadow

Short range, quick use Teleportation

Can Mind Control


  • He likes Fifi for her stupidity and feels comfortable around her maybe mmore than that but the reason why is she makes him feel better about the major stupidity he has


Regular -

Battle -

Intense Battle -

Alternate -

Travel -

Insane -

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