A new OC for the series goes by the name Tyler. Tyler is a child like Blink, Lass and Ellen but he is very bad mannered, reckless and a loudmouthed. He likes Ryle and now lives with him as they caused more mischief and live without a single care.

Social Life

Tyler lived in a poor orphanage and the people were very abusive to him. Tyler had run away from the orphanage as he lived on the streets pulling pranks to make kids cry and adults outraged by the second. He stoled things with out people noticing and hid from the police everytime they are chasing him. Like Wolf, he never knew about his parents but didn't care a single bit about it. He hates Flame not because of his rage but he thinks he yells like a complete bitch. He never met Blink or Ellen yet. He had no babysitter to take care of him and is always a very bad kid. He soon then bumped into Ryle and at first he didn't like Tyler but then he starts to think about and lets Tyler live in his home.


  • Knows a bit about martial arts.
  • Skilled at spray painting.


  • Reckless.
  • Bad mannered.
  • Swears at his age.
  • Impulsive.
  • Doesn't swear in front of other kids to avoid getting caught.
  • Likes dangerous and fierce things like Lass.
  • Loudmouth.
  • Very Insensitive.
  • Mischievious.
  • Prankster.
  • Good at spray painting.
  • Unlike Blink, Tyler has NO babysitters.
  • Adventureous.
  • Lives at Ryle's Home.


Voice of Riley from The Boondocks

Huey, Riley, and Robert Freeman vs Hateocracy Season 3 Episode 5 Boondocks03:50

Huey, Riley, and Robert Freeman vs Hateocracy Season 3 Episode 5 Boondocks


Theme Music

Tyler's Theme

Modigs - Silent Realm-004:23

Modigs - Silent Realm-0


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