Vade is Born
I'm super sexy as Vade.
Air date 7-5-14
Written by Mdkid663, AndrewBrauer
Directed by Mdkid663
Location Jade's Home, Jones's Lab, Streets
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Jones has created a machine to turns two people into one person, and Jade and Violet are the first to be part of it.



(Jade and Violet are drinking wine on a coach in Jade's home)

Jade: It's so nice to be not caught up in some stupid task, and we're just hanging out,

Violet: Yeah, thanks for letting me train in your dojo by the way.

Jade: Not a problem, if any guys were here, it would be like a wet dream to them. (giggles)

Violet: More like heaven on earth. (laughs and drinks her wine)

(Jones bursts into the room)

Jones: Nice, you two are here.

Jade: Yeah, I live here, what is it Jones?

Jones: I need you two.

Violet: What for? Masturbation? (laughs)

Jones: Even better than that.

Jade: What's more better then masturbation?

Jones: Well, sex, but there's something better, come with me.

(Jones takes Jade and Violet inside his lab)

Violet: So, what's this all about?

(Jones pulls down a curtain and reveals a tube machine with various buttons on it)

Violet: Wow.... I'm guessing this is a fusion device.

Jones: I would as how you knew that shit, but you work at Cybertime Systems so I should've fucking known that.

Jade: You made a fusion device?

Jones: Yup! And I need you two as my test subjects!

Violet: This won't hurt right?

Jones: Depends by what do you mean hurt?

Jade: I hope it's only a small pinch.

Violet: Cause, mostly test subject end up as conjoined people.

Jones: Alright then, let's get this shit started.

(Jade and Violet get inside the tube as Jones locks the tube inside)

(Violet closes her eyes)

Violet: No, just don't want to get my eyes infected.

Jade: Okay.

(Jones turns on the machine and it lights up the tube as it then stops and the light dims, and Vade comes out)

Jones: It worked!

Vade: (whistles and checks herself out) I look HOT!

Jones: Yeah you do! Now we need ideas for something funny.

Vade: Okay.

Jones: Got anything?

Vade: How about I twerk on Ryle?

Jones: Sounds good.

(They walk into the gym and see Ryle lifting weights)

Ryle: 9,996, 9,997, 9,99- (notices Vade) Who the fuck is that? (throws the dumbbell off screen)

Jones: Whoa Ryle! Getting aroused by the sight of Vade?

Ryle: Nah, just wonder- Wait, Vade?

Jones: Yeah, her name is Vade!

Ryle: Why is her name "Vade"?

(Vade approaches to Ryle in a seductive way)

Ryle: (annoyed) What? Can I help your ass?

Jones: She's just trying to give you some special service Ryle.

Ryle: (in his head) God dammit.

Jones: What's wrong Ryle? Feeling a little too excited?

(Ryle starts to grows his erection)

Ryle: (in his head) Well, here it goes.

(Vade then begins to twerk on Ryle's crotch)

Ryle: (in his head) This can't be that bad.

(Ryle begins to pre-cum and his pants get wet from it)

Jones: Whoa! Ryle is really excited about this! (laughs)

Ryle: Good thing I bought a second pair. (pulls out another pair of pants) This is ALSO semen proof.

Jones: How does that help?

Ryle: I always test things out first.

(Vade continues to twerk on Ryle's crotch as Ryle lights a cigarette)

(Ryle feels cum coming out of his dick, where instead of making a stain on his pants, it all pours out of his legs and spills all over the ground, Vade and Jones laugh at Ryle)

Ryle: THIS is a whole new level of shame.

Jones: (laughs) For you! Come on Vade, we've satisfied Ryle enough.

Ryle: At least no one else is looking.

Vade: Wait! How about I twerk on the streets?

Jones: Okay.

Vade: Well, let's get going!

(They walk onto the streets)

(Ryle turns on the stereo as 'Salt Shaker' plays in the background and turns it up louder for everyone to hear)

Randy: What's that?

Twilight: I sense that it's music.

Beat: It's... Music.

Spark: I hear it too.

Jones: It's Vade!

Twilight: Vade?

Randy: Sounds stupid!

Spark: Wait a sec, I think it's a name mixed with Jade and Violet.

Beat: Yeah, sounds like it.

Twilight: Why?

Spark: (to Vade) Yeah, why?

Jones: She's gonna dance!

Spark: I'll just leave now. (walks off)

(Vade twerks in the middle of the streets as Ryle turns the volume up the everyone in the city)

Twilight and Randy: That's LOUD!!

(Beat ignores them and puts on his headphones listening to some music)

(Ryle turns the volume a bit soft)

Vade: Is this hot to anyone?

(Ryle sees that he has his erection again, but more larger)

Twilight: Ryle, you seemed to be sexually aroused.

Ryle: I know, I know....

Randy: I thought you can handle someone's hotness.

Ryle: This happen by itself.....

Beat: By itself?

Ryle: Yeah. (to Randy and Beat) How come you aren't affected?

Randy: I control my boner.

Beat: I don't care... For Ratchet music or anything.

Ryle: Of course. (stops getting a boner)

Vade: What's wrong boner boy? (licks his neck)

(Ryle twitches and gets a boner again, Vade then walks seductively toward Randy)

Randy: What's up bitch?

Vade: Oh nothing... (twerks fast on Randy's crotch)

(Randy begins to feel his erection growing)

Randy: (moans) This is way better then humping my bed.

Everyone: (confused) What?

Randy: (rubs his head) Uh, I meant... This bitch is rubbing my crotch!

Ryle: (glares at Randy angrily) Control your boner huh?

Randy: Hey! I can control it! Now I want to let me boner out now.

Vade: Ah, I want to kill something some ninjas now. (pulls out a sheathed katana)

Jones: Wait, was that Jade or Violet speaking?

Randy: I don't know.

Vade: I think we're both talking at the same time.

Jones: But wait, it's two people in one body, but there's two different minds inside.

Vade: Oh! That's right!

Jones: Yes, you dumb bitch!

Vade: (Violet's mind) I hear that you dick!

Jones: I still wanted to say that.

Violet: (Jade's mind) Well you said it to your best friend too, and you should be guilty. (runs off to kill ninjas)

Jones: Whatever, I heard worse from her.

Vade: Hey! NINJAS!

(A group of GLD Ninjas approach Vade and prepare to attack her)

Vade: (Jade's mind) What are you going to do?

Vade: (Violet's mind) If we are one person....

(Vade focuses her energy and engulfs the katana in blue, massive flames, she then backflips to a ninja in slow motion and strikes the pressure points of the and slices his head and arms)

Vade: (Jade's mind) How did we do that?

Vade: (Violet's mind) We are one person, remember?

Vade: (Jade's mind) Oh right.

Jones: Okay lades, I think it's time to turn you back tot normal.

Vade: Okay.

(Jones takes Vade back into his lab)

Jones: Not get in the tub.

Vade: (Jade's mind) We better, before this gets out of control.

(Jade and Violet get back inside the tub, soon after they are back to two people)

Violet: Whew, glad that's over with.


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