Valentine's Break
Valentine's Break
"Sure, sounds pretty cool."
Air date February 18, 2014.
Written by YoshiRocker13, CookieEyes
Directed by YoshiRocker13
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Shortly after a bit of an argument, Pink kicks Blue out of the house, which of course leads Blue into hanging out with another chick.



(Pink and Blue were outside their house lying on the grass)

Blue: Trust me Pink, I am going to give you the biggest Valentine's Day surprise you'll ever see.

Pink: (chuckles) I sure can't wait.

Blue: Suppose you should probably head to work now. (gets up)

Pink: (gets up) Yeah. I better go. See you later, Blue. (kisses him on the cheek and walks off)

Blue: Heh, see ya Pink! (waves and walks back inside) Alright, let's make this Pink's best Valentine's Day ever. Especially since I've always wanted to give her this... (pulls out a beautiful yellow flower which resembles a Lotus Flower, the words 'Pink' are spelt on the flower) She'll love it.

(knock on the door)

Blue: (opens) Hello?


Blue: Wh- What!?

Stacy: D'aww how cute of the blueberry!

Blue: I never said you guys could come!

Red: Come on guys! It's party time!

(Red, Stacy and a bunch of random people run in the house)


Red: Sorry brah. The party's only begun!

Stacy: You ain't gonna be a party pooper now aren't ya Blue Balls?

(the party guests start dancing and some guests knock some things over)


Red: We're not, we're helping.


Red: Awesomeley retarded.

(People start smashing plates and drinks)

Raccoon: Shawty! Make-a dat ass crap!

Rapper: I can cause any bitch to make an ass clap. (shoots at a woman's ass)


Red: Aww, little Blue don't like Valentine's Parties?

Blue: (outraged) GET OUT!!!

(Blue is suddenly hit in the head by a plate, causing him to faint, the screen goes black)

(after, it shows Pink walking home from work)

Pink: I can't wait to see what Blue got me.

(Pink comes home and finds the entire place trashed and everybody still partying, Pink growls in anger)

Red: Bye Pinky!

(Everyone except Blue run out the house)

Blue: Oh shit...

(Pink kicks Blue right in the ass outside her house)

Blue: Pink! It wasn't my idea for them to come!

Pink: Then why didn't YOU kick them out?!

Blue: I TRIED to but they wouldn't bloody listen!

(Pink groans in frustration and slams the door.)

(Blue gets up angrily)

Blue: Are you serious!? Your going to DUMP me!? Just because of a small house wreck!? (sarcastically) Gee I thought you were WAY more smarter than THAT Pink! (covers his mouth in shock)

(Pink opens the door and stares slightly stunned and a bit teary, she snaps out of it and glares at Blue)

Pink: ...You know what? ... (cries) GO FUCK YOURSELF. BLUE! (slams door again)

Blue: Pink! I didn't mean to! (sighs) Forget it... (sadly walks away)

(Blue takes a seat on a chair at Putain Deliceux)

Charlotte: (walks over to him) Hey Blue Bunny!

Blue: (annoyed) Hey Charlotte...

Charlotte: (takes out a notepad and pen) Anything to drink?

Blue: Just a coffee thanks...

(Charlotte writes his order down and happily walks into the kitchen while humming.)

(Blue pulls a picture of him with Pink)

Blue: (sighs) Why did I have to say that...;?

Charlotte: (places a mug of coffee down) Here ya go! I hope you remembered I'm a pro at coffee making, hon.

Blue: (sighs) Thanks Charlotte. (drinks some of it)

Charlotte: (sits down on the front counter while grinning at him) Lemme guess. Pink problems again?

Blue: Oh gee, wasn't that fucking obvious?

Charlotte: Just asking. (giggles)

(Blue finishes his drink, gets up and sadly walks away)

Blue: (sighs) I shouldn't have angered her...

(Blue trips on a rock and facepalms in mud)

Woman: Excuse me sir? Are you alright? (lends her hand out to help Blue up)

Blue: (takes her hand) Y- Yeah I'm fi- f-

(Blue looks up at a magnetic girl that seems to resemble Pink)

Blue: PINK?

Woman: What? (giggles) No, that's not my name. My name is Pinky.

Blue: Oh, okay, well name's Blue.

Pinky: Nice name...

Blue: (sighs) Yeah...

(Charlotte notices what's going on)

Charlotte: (whispers) What the fuck?!

Pinky: Don't have a valentine?

Blue: (amazed) How did you know?

Pinky: I've been through it.

Blue: Oh wow, me too.

(Charlotte watches and glares at Pinky with Blue)

Charlotte: (bangs her head against the counter) Goddammit! Goddammit! Goddammit! Goddammit!

(Pinky and Blue walk away from each other. It then shows them having a picnic)

Blue: You know, these Watermelon are probably the strangest things I ever eaten.

Pinky: Yeah, but it IS cleverley invented.

Blue: Yeah...

(both laugh)

(It cuts to the both of them watching a movie at the Cinemas)

Pinky: Ooh! This is my favourite part!

(cinema turns red)

Pinky: Wow! How gory! Right Blue?

(Blue is hiding under his seat)

(It now shows Blue and Pinky eating some dinner at a restauraunt)

Pinky: I think this place has the BEST type of food a couple can have.

Blue: Yeah, me too.

(shows the both of them sitting on a park bench in the night)

Pinky: Blue, thanks for the amazing day I had today. (cuddles against him)

Blue: Mine too...

(The next day, Blue and Pinky were lying on their Picnic blanket)

Blue: Pinky, the last few hours I've spent with you have been amazing.

Pinky: Aww, mine too Blue.

(Charlotte watches and snaps, she walks over to them)

Charlotte: Hey you!

Pinky: (sits up) Hmm? Yes?

Blue: (face palms) Oh no, not again...

Charlotte: What the fuck do you think you're doing with this man?

Pinky: What? We're just having a picnic!

Blue: (sighs) For fuck sake Charlotte...

Charlotte: I'll have YOU know that this man is married!

Pinky: What?!

Blue: P-Pinky there's a good explanation!

Pinky: You told me your girl DUMPED you!

Blue: SHE DID!

Pinky: (to Charlotte) Are you lying?!

Charlotte: (grins) Oh. I'm not lying.

Pinky: Wait, your not?

(Charlotte nods)

Pinky: (to Blue) So you ARE married!

Blue: Look, there's a large explanation for this! I- (notices Pink walking on the road) Pink!?

(cuts to Pink grumbling while walking across the big road)

Pink: I cannot wait for this day to end already.

Charlotte: (waves her arms) HEYYYY PIG!

Pink: (not even looking at her) Fuck off, Charlotte. I don't have time for your bullshit.

(Pink steps on a crack on the road, causing her foot to break through and get her foot stuck, Pink tries to pull herself out but she can't)

Pink: (screams) HELP!

(a large truck is heading towards her)

Mr. Dingleberry: (driving) Eeh, I'm too old to see anything.

Pink: (screams and waves her arms above her) Wait! STOP!

Blue: (screams) PINK!

(Blue runs towards Pink in slow motion, Blue stops behind Pink, grabs her under her arms, and pulls her out of the crack)

Blue: Now run! Go!

(Pink runs off the road, but the truck heads closer to Blue)

Blue: STOP!

(cuts to Pink as the crash is heard off-screen)


Charlotte and Pinky: BLUE!

Mr. Dingleberry: Oh shit! (gets out the car) Darn dogs. Did I hit somethin'? (looks under his truck)


(Mr. Dingleberry pulls Blue out from the truck)

Blue: (coughs) Aah shit.

Mr. Dingleberry: Eesh young man. People need to stop playing on the road.

(Pink kicks Mr. Dingleberry in the nuts and kneels down next to Blue.)

Mr. Dingleberry: Oh shit! I feel young again!

Pink: Oh Blue...are you okay?

Blue: (coughs) Yeah, I'm okay now that your okay..

(Charlotte pushes Pink out of the way and kneels down next to Blue)

Charlotte: Blue bear! Can you breathe?! Are your legs broken or something?!

Blue: (annoyed and angry) CHARLOTTE!

(Pinky pulls Charlotte back by her arms)

Pinky: Leave the couple be!

(Charlotte growls)

(Pink kneels down next to Blue)

Blue: So yeah, I'm okay. Are YOU okay darling? (coughs)

Pink: Yeah...I'm so sorry...

Blue: No Pink, I'M sorry... I really should have kicked those guys out the proper way... And for saying you weren't smart... I'm really sorry Pink..

Pink: (kisses him on the lips) I forgive you.

(Blue pulls out and gives Pink the gift he had for her on Valentine's Day)

Pink: (gasps) Oh Blue. (takes the gift) It's beautiful.

Blue: Hey, I told you I was going to give you a special Valentine's Day gift. (smiles)

Pink: (hugs him) Oh thank you, Blue!

Blue: Heh, your welcome. Now, can you take me to a hospital?



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