Victoria is a fictional character in the Dick Figures universe. She is a stalker of Rapper's. Victoria is not as crazy as Goldie, but she can still be considered crazy by some. Just like Wednesday, she wears black lipstick since her favorite color is black, as she finds that color powering. Victoria's only other friend is Jade, as the two met in their 20's, and Jade took up the opportunity to be friends with Victoria, because she owns her own weapon's store.

Social Life

Victoria was a normal outcast girl in school, then she witnessed Rapper killing someone for the first time, and grew an attraction to him, so sexual, crazy, and to some weird, that Victoria became a stalker to Rapper. He is aware of her presence and does his best to avoid her. Victoria tries everything she can to match Rapper's style, she bought a weapon shop and now runs it, practicing using guns, swords, and other weapons with Jade (who believes may be related to Rapper) and learning to be empowering, manly just to be with Rapper.


  • Not as crazy as Goldie, but crazy in her own way.
  • Owns a weapons store.
  • Likes the color black so much, that she wears black lipstick.
  • Can drink blood and sometimes eats organs
  • Sarcastic
  • Says a long "Hi" everytime she meets someone.
  • Knows how to use guns and swords.
  • Enjoys Hip-Hop music.
  • Will fight anyone who tries to kill Rapper or take him away from her.
  • At times VERY violent.
  • Very swift, in fact, she is nearly impossible to kill because she can escape in the blink of an eye, only Rapper knows a way to kill her.
  • Is sensitive of her feet, so much that she always wears some kind of footwear, whether shoes, boots, high heels, or just plain socks.
  • Loves to rollerskate, even at people's annoyance.

Victoria's Voice

Voice of Jamie Lee (Brown haired woman)

Jamie Lee Stand Up07:01

Jamie Lee Stand Up


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