Wannabe Bro
Season 12 - Wannabe Bro
"Nice place, huh?"
Air date June 22, 2014
Written by YoshiRocker13, CookieEyes
Directed by YoshiRocker13
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Broseph wants to go to a strip club, but has to go on a date with Wednesday. Will he be able to handle it?

NOTE: This episode happens before Dick Figures: Fanons Unite, so don't get confused.



(Broseph was checking himself in the mirror.)

Broseph: I'm gonna look so sexy at the Strip bar!

(Broseph's phone rings.)

Broseph: (picks up) If I ain't answerin', I ain't sexy. Sup?

Wednesday: Grey! Hey!

Broseph: Uhh hey Wednes. Sup?

Wednesday: So, are you ready to go? I don't mean to rush you, of course.

Broseph: Go? Go where? (seductively) A party?

Wednesday: I...thought you remembered. You agreed we'd both go to that nice restaurant? My brother told me about it and it sounded nice.

Broseph: (to himself) Shit. (to Wednesday) Uhh, s-sure. I'll meet you there?

Wednesday: Okay. I'll see you at the entrance.

Broseph: (hangs up) FUCK! I promised three girls to meet them at a strip bar! (sighs) Well bra, suppose I should GO. (angrily walks out)

(At the restaurant, Wednesday is waiting for Broseph.)

Broseph: (arrives with a bored tone) Hey Wednesday...

Wednesday: Hi. (notices his tone) Are you okay?

Broseph: Uhh, just... Tired?

Wednesday: Oh. Okay. That's...what I thought.

(They sit at a table.)

Broseph: Uhh, this is... Nice? (face palms)

Wednesday: It sure is. I hear the desserts are delicious. (thinking) Please have blueberry pie here! Please have blueberry pie here!

Broseph: (thinking) I Would RATHER be in a better place right now!

Waiter: May I FUCK you people?

(The Waiter is revealed to be Lord Tourettes.)

Wednesday: (happy to see her brother) Oh, LT. I didn't know you worked here too.

Broseph: (thinking) Great!

Lord Tourettes: What would you like to SHIT today?

Wednesday: (looks at her menu) I suppose some pork chops would be nice.

Broseph: And I think I'll have the uhh... Medium Steak please? I wanna look more muscle like. (flexes)

Lord Tourettes: Right away, BUTTFUCKERS! (skips away)

Broseph: Your bro creeps me out...

Wednesday: (nervously laughs) That's what most people say when they first meet him.

(Broseph's phone rings.)

Broseph: (picks up) If I ain't answerin', I ain't sexy. Sup?

Girl #1: Hey bro-bro! Where are you?! We're waiting at this strip bar for you!

Broseph: (walks towards the bathroom) Uhh, I'll be there in a moment. (hangs up)

Wednesday: Where are you going?

Broseph: Uhh, no where? (laughs nervously) Oh look our food is here!

(Lord Tourettes hands them their food.)

Lord Tourettes: Please enjoy your CRAP!

Wednesday: Wow! That was fast.

Broseph: Uhh, th- thanks.

Wednesday: Well, are you going to eat or do you still need to go somewhere?

Broseph: I think I'll uhh... (pretends to sneeze) Uhh, I think I'm getting sick!

Wednesday: Really?

Broseph: Yeah! I should go home! Love ya babe! (kisses her cheek and runs outside)

Wednesday: Umm, okay. (looks at her food before beginning to eat)

(Broseph runs away towards the strip bar, but suddenly Darla appears in front of Broseph with an angry look.)

Broseph: Witch! Move!

Darla: What a shame, Broseph. Here I thought you'd be loyal tonight.

Broseph: So what? You decided to stalk me and watch me in there?

Darla: Not really, actually. I was waiting for Scarlet to come back with some meat from the kitchen when I saw you two come in.

Broseph: Yeah right. Now move, I got a strip club to go to.

Darla: Which part of it?

Broseph: The fuck and breast parts.

Darla: In other words, the whole building, which has been separated.

Broseph: Do you mean it blew up?

Darla: Don't blame me. I tried to stop him (Gerald Butler), but texting doesn't work fast enough. (takes out her phone) (whispers threateningly) YOU LIAR!

Broseph: Oh shit... (looks back at the restaurant) Then should I...?

Darla: (smirks) So, you might as well relax there for a while. You know, having a nice meal, chat a bit, satisfy your girlfriend?

Broseph: (seductively) Fuck yeah. (walks back in the restaurant)

Wednesday: (notices him) Oh hey.

Broseph: So it turns out I'm not sick, (rolls his finger up her body seductively) But I am wanting something much better...

Wednesday: (blushing) You are?

Broseph: Yeah... Ya know, we COULD go to my house and...

Wednesday: Oh! There's the pie!

Lord Tourettes: (comes over to the table) Here's the extra COCK-berry pie, sis!

Broseph: Oh yeah, that's right...

(Episode ends)


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