War of the Dicks
War of the Dicks
Air date 8-10-2013
Written by YoshiRocker13
Directed by YoshiRocker13
Location Olympics
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 There are many great guys out there. But out of all the guys, which is the best? Each will prove even if it involves a crazy war.



(Red & Blue sit in their apartment with bored looks)

Blue: Guess this is catching up on the past, huh?

Red: Boooring!

(Door knocks)

Blue: (answers) Hello?

Trollz0r: (Aw Yea Face) Duudes! There's a crazy bar that opened! It's got EVERYTHING! (cries) Everything I could want!

Blue: Like what?

Trollz0r: Beer, Dance Parties, Girls and-

Red: WHAT!?!?!

Blue: (face palms) Oh no...

Trollz0r: (LOL face) I'm going there!

Red: (rushes outside in lightning speed) MINE!

Trollz0r: Coming?

Blue: Are you fucking kidding!? Pink will kill me!

Trollz0r: It'll only be 30 minutes!

Blue: (sighs) FIne.

(suddenly cuts to the new bar as party music is heard)

Girl: (bored) These men are so crazy.

Raccoon: I can go all night baby. I'm nocturnal. (growls)

Girl: (giggles)

Red: (drunk) Hey, hey, hey, hey Broseph!

Broseph: Whoa bro! Nice dance moves! (dances near girl)

Blue: (shocked) Someone please kill me.

(the 5 men walk out)


Blue: (groans) All that racket gave me a headache.

Broseph: Muscular guys like me can handle that shit.

Raccoon: (laughs) You boys act rike chirdren.

Trollz0r: (Rage Crying Face) The party was wicked it makes me feel so awesome!

Red: But we all know who's awesome out of all of us.

(everyone suddenly point to themselves)

Red: What!? Why aren't you guys pointing at me?

Blue: Because your a dick.

Broseph: Please, your such a boring shitty person bro.

Blue: Shut up!

Trollz0r: I'M awesome! I'm a meme!

Red: That sucks!

Raccoon: Oh prease. (pulls out sword) We arr know that I'm da best out of arr of you.

Red: (deep voice) There's only one way to solve this.


(suddenly cuts to the olyimpics)

Pink: Hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome to the first ever- (pulls out paper and reads it) Uh.. Awesome Bros Competition... I'm your host Pink and this is my co-host Stacy.

Stacy: (loudly) Sup bitches!

Pink: Why did she have to be the co-host.

Stacy: Cuz I'm awesome! (drinks vodka)

Pink: Did Red teach you that?

Stacy: Who's Red?

Pink: (sighs) Never mind. Before we get to the events, let's introduce our competiters.

Stacy: First we have a red guy and-

Pink: Stacy! We have to fully introduce them! In row one we have the (gulps) sexy boy, Red. (shutters)

Red: (points to Pink & Stacy) Hey babies.

(Stacy happily waves at Red while Pink looks away annoyed)

Pink: In row two, we have the sort of cool but I still love guy, Blue!

Blue: (nervous) Must we really do this?

Pink: Good luck Blue!

Stacy: That's my ex down there.

Pink: WHAT!?

Stacy: Hey who's that? In row three? Nature's Ninja!

(Raccoon pulls the Great Sword of Destiny out)

Raccoon: They carr me da Nature's Ninja.

Stacy: Why?

Raccoon: You just-a said that!

Stacy: No I didn't

Pink: And there's Broseph & Trollz0r, yadda yadda yadda Okay! Time for the first game! Weight Lifting!

Stacy: Pink says you have to win by lifting the weights up the highest.

Pink: And whoever comes last is eliminated.

(Red is seen lifting the 500 pound weight)

Pink: And Red comes first!

(Broseph easily lifts it with one finger)

PInk: How is that possible!?

Broseph: All thanks to my muscles.

(Blue tries lifting it but pulls so hard his arms come off. Blue runs around screaming as blood squirts from his arms)

Pink: BLUE! (runs to him) Let's take you to a hospital!

Stacy: I think the black guy came last?

Trollz0r: (Forever Alone) Why no one cheer for me?

(Raccoon easily lifts the weight)

(after, Pink runs back)

Stacy: So Blue won and Broseph lost.

Pink: No! It's Blue LOSES and Broseph WINS!

Stacy: I thought it was to see who CAN'T lift it.

Pink: (face palms) Idiot. Anyways. Let's keep this going.

(shows Red having sex with a girl, Raccoon & Trollz0r do so as well but Broseph gets slapped in the face. It then shows Raccoon drinking several beer and then cuts to Trollz0r playing games)

Pink: Things are shaping up nicely.

Stacy: And we now have two players left!

Pink: Yes. Red & Raccoon are in the finals. They must face each other in a Death Battle!

Red: Prepare to meet your match Pikachu!

Raccoon: I can go all night baby. I'm nocturnal.

Red: Hey that's my line!

Raccoon: No it isn't

Red: Well that's what I said when I was in your body!

Raccoon: How dare you!

Stacy: 3, 2, 1, FUCK!

Pink: No- It's FIGHT!

Stacy: Whatever I can say what shit I want.

(Red & Raccoon begin sword fighting. Red & Raccoon repeatedly slash swords. Raccoon jumps over Red while Red kicks him when he has the chance)

Red: Too easy Picka-POO!

Raccoon: You need better insults.

(Raccoon uses his sword of destiny to create an earthquake and send Red into the air. Raccoon slashes Red but Red dodges again)

Red: Must- Not- Lose- Fight!

Raccoon: (falls on ground) Rose now and then I shall be more awesome.

Red: NEVER!!!

(Raccoon tries to slash Red but Red chops his arms off)

Raccoon: (screams in pain)

Red: Hah! I win!

(Raccoon picks his sword up with his mouth and stabs Red)

Red: Shit! Does this mean we tied!

Raccoon: Yes.

Red: Well I got you first so I win!

Raccoon: Aah Fu- (faints)

(Red faints as well)

Pink: It's a tie!

Stacy: They look so tired.

Pink: They're NOT tired they fainted! (looks down at them) Someone take them to the hospital.

(shows the two lying in hospital beds. Blue walks in)

Blue: You two really killed yourselves this time.

Red: Suck my sore dick!

Raccoon: Aah shut up-a!

Red: Whatever! I'm still awesome!

Blue: I'm so glad I moved out of the apartment.


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