We're Spacemen!
Season 1, Episode 9
9. We're Spacemen!
Air date 7/1/13
Directed by IONIXMUSIC
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A Small Step for Sex
Fightin' Chicks
As Red and Blue travel through space, they have problems. Personal problems.


  • Red
  • Blue
  • Rawrschach
  • Pink
  • Merah
  • Biru


Narrator: We join our heroes in the middle of space. Space. It's big.

Red: Where is the gas?

Blue: You drank it, remember?

Red: Oh, that diarrhea was terrible.

Blue: Hey, where's Rawrschach?

Red: He's sleeping.

Blue: Where?

(Shows Rawrschach sleeping on top of the ship.)

Blue: Are you fucking kidding me?

Red: No.

Blue: You...are SO retarded.

Red: No, YOU'RE retarded.

Rawrschach: Rawarwrar! (Stop fighting, you dicks!)

Red: I'm sorry, Rawry. It won't happen again.

Blue: So how are we gonna get home?

Red: The real question is: Why? This ship is freaking luxury!

Blue: Oh yeah, you're right.

(Then the proceed to party in the lobby. Drinking, barfing, making out with sex dolls.)

Red: Ughh...we shouldn't have done that.

Blue: Yeah...

Rawrschach: Rawr...*barfs uncontrollably*

Red and Blue: Gross!

Rawrschach: Blubblubblub...(Don't make fun of me...)

Red: Don't worry, m'darling.

Blue: You are way too attached to that dinosaur.

Red: Fuck you... ib's lub..

Blue: Love?

Red: *barf, crys* I'm sorry, honey...

(They all cry. Meanwhile in Dimension 43.2,)

Merah: Ap, ap, ap! Those pathetic Earthlings. Crying their eyeballs out.

Biru: Shall we activate the bombs?

Merah: Hell yes.

Merah and Biru: Ap ap ap ap ap!

(Biru presses a big red button. Out in space...)

Red: Hmm...what's that beeping sound?

Blue: I don't kno-

(The ship explodes.)

Blue, Red and Pink: AUGH!

Blue: Pink?

Pink: Yeah?

Blue: Were you...

Pink: Trapped on the ship? I know. Those idiots stole me from my apartment.

Red: Hey, where's Rawrschach?

(Rawrschach is on an asteroid.)

Rawrschach: Rar! (Hey!)

Red: Well, I think we've all learned a lesson today. Don't trust aliens ever! Merry Christmas, everyone!

Blue: What? It's the middle of sum-


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