Wedding Day
Wedding Day
the day has come...
Air date 31/8/2013
Written by YoshiRocker13, Mdkid663, CookieEyes, Alpha-Lonewolf & Fluffydragonpuppy
Directed by YoshiRocker13
Location Church
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 The day has come. The day Blue & Pink get married. What could possibly go wrong? Your about to find out!



(Pink is in her room getting ready for the wedding while Wednesday helps her)

Pink: I can’t believe the happiest day of my life has finally come! I feel like I’m about to burst with excitement.

Wednesday: (stops brushing Pink’s hair for a moment) …You don’t mean that literally, right?

(cuts to Blue in his room at the apartment with Red & Ryle)

Blue: The day's come! I'm so nervous!

Red: What's so bad about marrying Pink?

Ryle: Yeah.

Blue: Just wish me luck guys.

Rapper: We'll be there with you man.

Mysterious Man: I'll help too.

Rapper: The fuck!? Who's there?!

Mysterious Man: Woah I'm not here for trouble!

Ryle: Relax he's a friend of mine.

Rapper: (glares) What you here for?

Blue: What's your name?

Mysterious Man: I'm Spark.

Blue: (checks watch) Shit! I gotta go!

Ryle: Red, Rapper this is Spark.

Red: Sup Spark?

Spark: Sup.

Pink: Thanks Jess.

Jess: I hope you have great children in the future!

(Pink suddenly becomes shocked) 

Pink: Jess!

Jess: Oh! Sorry Pink! That went to soon.

(shows L.T. Darla, Madelene and Scarlet in another room)

Lord Tourettes: (excited) I'm so FUCKING proud! 

Madelene: So, how should the, how you say, cake look like?

Lord Tourettes: Sprinkly! With SHIT of Blue & Pink! (giggles)

Madelene: (wide eyed) …What?

(Scarlet writes on some paper “Don’t you mean ‘figures’?”.)

(Lord Tourettes nods)

Madelene: Err…alright then. (goes into the kitchen)

Lord Tourettes: I hope Wednes-GAY is alright FUCKING Blue!

Blue: (to Darla) You think this tuxedo will suit me well?

Darla: (bored) I don’t know. Just wear a regular fancy tuxedo or whatever.

Blue: Oh crap! It's time!

Rapper: Well then we'd best be going.

Darla: (grabs Wednesday) Later wankers. (teleports away with her)

Rapper: And luckily I know someone who's great at throwing parties. (picks up phone)

Blue: You don't mean Wolf do you?

Rapper: (lies) What? No!

(Rapper makes a phone call, it then cuts to the church)

Blue: I wonder where Auburn & Indigo are?

Wednesday: They had to go to Europe to visit Auburn’s sister; but, (gives Blue a card with a picture of wedding bells on it) they sent you and Pink cards.

Red: (bored) Where's Fox!? She would have been happy Blue & Pink are getting married! Plus I can stare at her fucking boobs!

(cuts to Pink getting ready while Fox & Vio help her)

Fox: You got everything Pink?

Pink: Yeah. I think so.

Vio: Are you calm Pink?

Pink: Well, uhh…

Vio: Do not let your feeling get in the way of you path. Trust in the force.

Fox: What she means is breath and relax.

Pink: Oh; okay. Thank you. Both of you.

Lord Tourettes: (comes in) It's time. (walks out)

Vio and Fox: You look beautiful Pink.

Fox: Go knock him dead.

(Lord Tourettes plays the piano to the wedding)

Lord Tourettes: (sings) Here comes the FUCK!

Blue: Uh, you don't need to sing LT.

Lord Tourettes: Oh! Okay! (continues playing)

(Madelene and Scarlet quietly come up from under the food table and set the cake down.)

Madelene: (slightly worried) I hope no one sees us yet.

Blue: Looks like everything is going fine.

Rapper: Just be calm and you'll get through.

Lad: (comes from the side with barrels of beer) Where do I put these down!?

Rapper: Just put them on that giant table!

Blue: What the!? RAPPER!!!

Red: Now this is a wedding!

Lord Tourettes: (really excited) Here comes the BITCH!

Darla: (impatiently calling from her seat with Broseph, Wednesday, and Emily) IT'S ABOUT BLOODY TIME!

(Gerald Butler & Earl Grey come up from behind the seat to slap Darla's mouth shut.)

Wednesday: (whispers) Shh! Quiet!

(Pink walks up to Blue in her dress while Wednesday walks on the stage and Lord Tourettes stops playing)

(Spark and Ryle watches)

Broseph: Good luck speaking Wednes!

Wednesday: (blushes) Thanks.

Spark: (to Red) You know, I like weddings.

Red: Most boring wedding I've been to! Except when Lad came.

Spark: (punches Red in the shoulder) (whispers) Dude!

(Wednesday starts reading)

Wednesday: Friends and family, we are here to celebrate the marriage of Blue & Pink. Pink, do you wish to take Blue to be your lawful wedded husband, ‘till death do you shall part?

Pink: I do.

Wednesday: And Blue, do you wish to take Pink to be your lawful wedded wife, ‘till death do you shall part?

Blue: I do.

Wednesday: Then by the power within me, I now pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss the bride.

(Spark gets excited)

(Blue & Pink kiss and everyone cheers)

Spark: Best Wedding EVER!!!

Ryle: I'd admit it's kinda good...

(Darla starts to cry over Wednesday’s speech.)

Darla: Sh-She has the voice of a dark angel! (grabs a tissue and blows her nose)

(Broseph and Emily watch Darla blow her nose with disgusted expression.)

(Blue & Pink go into the wedding car)

Blue: (sighs) The best thing that has ever happened to me has come true.

Pink: The same goes for me too.

(everyone watches the car drive off from the church)


Madelene: Don’t forget the cake!

(Scarlet holds up a sign pointing to the cake.)

Red: CAKE!! (eats whole cake)

Madelene: …Well, at least someone had…a piece.

Spark: ALRIGHT!!! WHO WANTS TO GET HAMMERED!!?!? Oh WAIT!! I forgot something!! (uses instant transmission to teleport and come back with hot fresh ramen) WHO WANTS SOME?!

Darla: (runs up to Wednesday) Wednesday! Y-Your s-speech w-was s-so touch-ching… (continues to cry)

Wednesday: Really? Two wonderful people got married and my speech was all you cared about?

Spark: So Red since they're married I think I'll be your roommate!

Red: Sorry bro! But Wolf's my new roommate!

Spark: Oh, but can I join!?

Red: I'll have to ask Wolf.

Spark: (Japanese) Kay, not a problem.

Broseph: So, I wonder who will get married next? (winks at Wednesday)

(Wednesday blushes while Darla (who stopped crying) gives Broseph a thumbs up.)



  • First marriage of a DF couple.
  • Pink's parents, Bluette and Harold from Meet the Parents made a cameo in this episode.
  • When Broseph flirted with Wednesday after wandering who would get married next, it's hinted he might be wanting to marry Wednesday soon.
  • First debut of Spark.


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