Wee Lass and Blink
Lass and Blink
"Hello, my name is Lass."
Air date 11-01-2014
Written by Alpha-Lonewolf, YoshiRocker13
Directed by Alpha-Lonewolf
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Blink is about to meet a new best friend, the wee cousin of Lad.


(At Blue's House)

Blue: (waits outside in his car for Pink) Man what's taking her so long?

Blink: So who's babysitting me today Mommy? Foxy? Indy?

Pink: Well i got someone new to play with you this time.

Blink: Really? Who?

Blue: Pink we're going to be late!

Pink: Don't worry Blink, they are a friend of ours. I'm sure you'll be friends in no time.

Blink: Okay.

Pink: We'll be back soon Blink. (kisses his forehead and heads out to the car)

(A car soon comes up at the house and the people come to the door and knock)

Blink: (nervously opens) He- Hello?

Lad: Evening wee laddie!

Blink: (looks up at him) Mommy said you were a friend of hers.

Lad: Aye wee laddie. I also brought you a wee friend to play with.

Blink: Oooh! Who?

Lad: (moves out of the way) Meet mi wee relative Lass!

(Lass comes in and tackles Blink in a hug)

Lass: Yay I made a new friend!

Blink: (surprised) Oh! Uh- Hello! My name is Blink.

Lass: Mi name is Lass! I'm happy to meet you Blink.

Blink: I'm happy to meet you too! So what are we gonna play?

Lass: Let's Play Dragons and knights! (starts trying to pull Blink outside)

Blink: Whoa! Easy! It's just some game! (gets pulled outside) Whoa!

Lass: (starts pretending) This is our big kingdom ruled by our parents who are the best king and queen in the world. we are knights of the greatest army ever.

Blink: (pretends also) We shall protect the ones we love from the mighty fire breathing beast!

Lass: I have a mighty sword of the angels. (holds up a twig)

(Blink pretends to kill some goblins and get hit a few times)

Lass: Freeze evil doers! (Throws water in the air to pretend to use ice powers)

Blink: (pretends to be hit) Oh no! I have been hit by the Dragon's mighty fire!

Lass: I'll save you. (rips out some grass and spronkles blink with them) You are healed now.

Blink: (jumps back up) Now we shall save our village and our dear king and queen from the Dragon's wrath! (charges at the dragon)

Lass: Watch out for the dragon's fire! actually uses real magic to put a protective barrier on Blink)

Blink: (stunned and shocked) Whoa.

Lass: What?

Blink: You just used real magic- in real- Wow.

Lass: (looks embarrassed and ashamed) Well i'm only learning a little bit.

Blink: No, it was actually pretty great!

Lass: But it was just a beginner spell. You know more than me don't you?

Blink: No, I don't know any spells really...

Lass: I thought everyone else knew more than me.

Blink: Mm-hm...

Lass: (rubs shoulder) my old class mates knew more than me and made fun of me cuz all i can do was the protect spell.

Blink: Don't worry Lass, I'm sure you'll learn more spells someday.

Lass: Thank you Blink (does a curtsy to Blink)

Blink: Your welcome.

Lad: Kids, time to come in!

Lass: Aww, but we're not done slaying the bad dragon.

Lad: You can Slay him another time! It's time to eat!

Blink: What are we eating?

Lass: Ooh, ooh! is it haggis?!

Blink: Uh, what's Haggis?

Lass: Sheep's stomach stuffed with meat and barley leaves.

Blink: (shocked and disgusted) Auugh!

Lass: What? It's really good. Mi family always had it for dinner.

Blink: (to Lad) Are we really having Haggis giant man?

Lad: Actually we're just having pizza.

Lass: what is pizza?

Blink: Oooh! I love pizza!

Lass: I never heard of it.

Blink: Pizza is a very greasy food made out of dough, sauce, garlic, cheese and different toppings.

(Lad opens a box of pizza)

Lass: That smells good.

Blink: And it tastes good too! (takes a slice and eats it) Mm-mm-MM!

(Lass cautiously takes a slice and sniffs it)

Blink: Go ahead, try it, it's really yum.

(Lass takes a small bite as her face lights up with delight and starts eating the rest of it)

Blink: (eats more pieces)

(Soon Pink and Blue come back home)

Blue: We're back!

Pink: How was your new friend Blink?

Blink: She was a fun playmate.

Lad: Well time to go Lass.

Lass: Yes Uncle Lad. (Runs up to Blink to give him a quick kiss on the cheek and runs off giggling)

Blink: (nervous and blushes) Uhhh.... B-Bye Lass...

Pink: (giggles) I think she likes you Blink.

Blink: (speaks in head) I just found myself a new best friend.



  • 1/5 Unicorn Barf!
  • 2/5 It was like Meh.
  • 3/5 I guess it was... pretty good.
  • 4/5 This is like crazy right?

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